Definition of irrefutable in English:



  • Impossible to deny or disprove.

    ‘irrefutable evidence’
    • ‘His only irrefutable position is to reduce his physical object claim to an announcement concerning his own sensations.’
    • ‘We had told Mr Blunkett's officials about our irrefutable documentary evidence before he wrote his article.’
    • ‘They provided facts that were checked out and irrefutable.’
    • ‘Our claims are based on irrefutable fact following extensive research and statements from council's own documents.’
    • ‘No matter how wistfully we may long for the fountain of youth, the fact is that Laws of Thermodynamics are irrefutable.’
    • ‘There appears to be clear cause and effect evidence, but no irrefutable proof.’
    • ‘He came to the irrefutable conclusion that he was never going to make much money in the tea room business working for other people.’
    • ‘The economic arguments suggesting that current prices are unsustainable seem almost irrefutable.’
    • ‘The critics will point to this as irrefutable proof of their argument that vouchers undermine the public school system.’
    • ‘And all of them are forced to realize that the past, for better or worse, is an irrefutable part of who they are now.’
    • ‘It is impossible to believe, and yet the evidence is irrefutable.’
    • ‘This view had since congealed into an irrefutable mythology.’
    • ‘Here was irrefutable proof of his resilient genius.’
    • ‘The logs provide an irrefutable record of which departments and users are consuming the most Internet bandwidth.’
    • ‘The logic of his case is impeccable and irrefutable.’
    • ‘So from these two verses it is plain and irrefutable, that Jesus has revealed the true nature concerning God to his twelve disciples.’
    • ‘For millennia, the logic of settlement was irrefutable: once a territory was full of your people, it was yours.’
    • ‘So is there any hope of finding honest, irrefutable research?’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the potential of the helicopter was clear and irrefutable.’
    • ‘The good fortune continued this weekend with confirmation of a now irrefutable positive polling pattern.’
    • ‘Secondly, what it says to me is that there is an irrefutable link.’
    indisputable, undeniable, unquestionable, incontrovertible, incontestable, unassailable, impregnable, beyond question, indubitable, beyond doubt, beyond dispute
    conclusive, definite, definitive, decisive, certain, sure, positive, sound, flawless, watertight, unmistakable, palpable, patent, manifest, obvious, evident, plain, clear, forceful, telling
    irrefragable, apodictic
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Early 17th century: from late Latin irrefutabilis, from in- not + refutabilis (from refutare repel, rebut).