Definition of irreclaimable in US English:



  • Not able to be reclaimed or reformed.

    • ‘It would be hackneyed if I say that death is something very sad and irreclaimable.’
    • ‘There was a proneness also in the new occupants to regard the natives as an irreclaimable race, and as inconvenient neighbours.’
    • ‘With all his savagery, he was not half so savage, so unclean, so irreclaimable, as the tenant of a tenement in an East London slum.’
    • ‘No impulse in man is irreclaimable; nothing human is doomed to destruction.’
    • ‘Tears flooded my eyes when I realized how fortunate we were spending this irreclaimable time together.’
    damned, fallen, cursed, accursed, irredeemable, irretrievable, past hope, past praying for, condemned, doomed, excommunicated
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