Definition of iron oxide in US English:

iron oxide


  • An oxide of iron, in particular ferric oxide, a dark red solid which occurs as the mineral hematite and as the main component of rust.

    ‘a thin layer of iron oxide forms quickly on iron that is exposed to air’
    count noun ‘iron oxides are poor conductors of electricity’
    • ‘The team achieved the gains by coating hematite, an iron oxide similar to rust, with nickel iron oxide.’
    • ‘Reducing iron oxide levels to 0.07 percent will allow the zircon to meet premium grade specifications.’
    • ‘The ink could be made blacker by adding iron or iron oxide directly.’
    • ‘Red iron oxides were used as lipstick and blusher and a red henna mixture was used to tint the nails.’
    • ‘However, iron oxides, which are generally present in bauxite, may undesirably raise the catalytic activity of bauxite.’
    • ‘The system is based on the use of iron oxide nanoparticles as an additive which "feeds" the bacteria in charge of breaking down organic matter.’
    • ‘We have found a way to trap light in ultrathin films of iron oxide that are 5,000 times thinner than typical office paper.’
    • ‘Scientific tests have now determined that the red stains were probably caused by iron oxide.’
    • ‘Blue colour was derived from indigo while black was obtained from iron oxide.’
    • ‘Both the natural and synthetic iron oxide pigments are very stable.’