Definition of irksomely in US English:



  • See irksome

    • ‘But the artists and musicians, poets and students and philosophers of the old town proved irksomely irrepressible.’
    • ‘Dickson's vocals are either irksomely whiny or in a growl better suited to a fifth-wave jam band than these tight pop melodies.’
    • ‘Most of the conspirators were young officers, for whom promotion was irksomely slow and who had been reading German Romantic writers to ease their boredom.’
    • ‘In a couple of pieces of miscasting, Aaron Alexander plays Tybalt in such an irksomely casual manner as to make the character wholly unremarkable.’
    • ‘It's little surprise she's sold 25m records worldwide: her songwriting is consistently brilliant and her voice almost irksomely angelic.’