Definition of ipsilaterally in US English:



  • See ipsilateral

    • ‘Treat ipsilaterally or bilaterally, 5-10 points per ear, using as few needles as possible.’
    • ‘According to this model, when stimulated unilaterally, a fused symphysis should generate the highest force ipsilaterally and that force will decrease linearly as it approaches the balancing-side.’
    • ‘It is important to transfer the flap ipsilaterally, which allows the vascular pedicle to lie superior and lateral to the implant.’
    • ‘Contralateral activation was noted in the primary somatosensory cortex and supplementary motor area, and ipsilaterally in the ventral premotor area.’
    • ‘The rectus muscle was transferred ipsilaterally to allow the vascular pedicle to lie superior and lateral away from the implant and to avoid any possible compressive forces during expansion of the saline implant.’