Definition of ionophore in US English:



  • A substance which is able to transport particular ions across a lipid membrane in a cell.

    with modifier ‘calcium ionophores’
    • ‘Temperature altered the membrane properties homogeneously, whereas the ionophore increased order heterogeneously.’
    • ‘Control experiments were conducted with ionomycin added in the absence of divalent cation to identify any contributions to laurdan fluorescence caused directly by the ionophore.’
    • ‘Light microscopy of stained mitochondria from the mutant cells treated with nigericin revealed that the ionophore was able to restore their defective morphology to an almost normal appearance.’
    • ‘The presence of K + ionophores eliminates the osmotic pressure due to K + ions.’
    • ‘The same holds for the application of a transmembrane potential that is limited to the generation of a diffusion potential by the usage of ion-specific ionophores.’