Definition of inventory control in US English:

inventory control


North American
  • The fact or process of ensuring that appropriate amounts of stock are maintained by a business, so as to be able to meet customer demand without delay while keeping the costs associated with holding stock to a minimum.

    ‘manufacturers are using these bar codes for inventory control’
    count noun ‘margins are expected to improve with better inventory controls’
    • ‘They cut costs, streamlined product lines, and - most important - improved inventory control.’
    • ‘We use hand-held computers for inventory control and these make the routes more efficient, enabling us to hold off on product increases.’
    • ‘All of these programs offer similar tools - budgeting, accounts receivable management, payroll, inventory control, and so on.’
    • ‘Technology is driving change, from electronic information and documentation systems to ordering and billing, inventory control and bar coding.’
    • ‘Inventory controls were loose, too many layers of managers impaired accountability, and there was no uniform system to assess employee performance.’
    • ‘Big retailers and manufacturers are already investing millions to replace barcoding with wireless inventory controls.’
    • ‘Data can be accessed from order entry and inventory control to customer delivery and through countless steps along the way.’
    • ‘Overcoming the short fall in the profit margin will require intensive marketing studies, advanced economic theory, and a skill at inventory control.’
    • ‘Investors would be pleased if the number of inventory days were falling as a result of greater efficiencies gained through tighter inventory controls.’
    • ‘Already in use are revolutionary warehouse management systems with powerful inventory control mechanisms and automated GPS tracking.’