Definition of inventor in English:



  • A person who invented a particular process or device or who invents things as an occupation.

    • ‘Sir Tim stressed that the web came about as a collaboration with inventors and developers.’
    • ‘It was, however, for his skill and originality as an inventor that he was best known.’
    • ‘The engineers, inventors and seafarers who built the British empire are put centre stage in this confident history.’
    • ‘After several attempts, inventors developed the barbed wire that we know today.’
    • ‘He aced in computer and science, and could make it as a scientist or even an inventor one day.’
    • ‘One of the schemes will help women inventors and innovators to develop their ideas and skills.’
    • ‘It was easier to build a nation, even to invent one, than to run it in accordance with the original intentions of its inventors.’
    • ‘They understood something about how inventors invent and artists create new work.’
    • ‘Without the innovators and the inventors, we would not have any of the things that we have today.’
    • ‘They conjure up images of dusty old offices, arcane inventions and oddball inventors.’
    • ‘They will have the opportunity to develop engineering ideas and inventions and take inspiration from fellow young inventors.’
    • ‘Mr James said he had always been disappointed that his innovative ancestors were not better known like other famous inventors from the past.’
    • ‘Here are a few of the major inventions and their inventors from the Twentieth Century.’
    • ‘This generation has produced some of the best risk-takers, problem solvers and inventors ever!’
    • ‘Let's go do it because we're a species of explorers and inventors and innovators.’
    • ‘It is hard to say why either of these products was produced, but my guess is that the inventors felt they needed to annoy the general public.’
    • ‘I gave a workshop at the home of a scientist - an inventor of sound equipment.’
    • ‘In Europe, the development of film was for the most part left in the hands of scientists, inventors and magicians.’
    • ‘Children had to have been the original inventors of beanbag chairs and soft home furnishings.’
    • ‘If you have this device, its inventor says you can switch TVs off almost anywhere.’
    originator, creator, innovator
    designer, deviser, developer, maker, planner, framer, producer
    author, architect
    pioneer, mastermind, father, prime mover
    scientist, discoverer
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