Definition of inventiveness in US English:



  • The quality of being inventive; creativity.

    ‘the inventiveness of the staging’
    ‘his comic inventiveness’
    • ‘Today, his comedies are remembered for their level of artistry, inventiveness and trenchant sarcasm.’
    • ‘She remarked on the imagination, inventiveness and creative power of Corina's work.’
    • ‘Alliances with other individuals expose our talents and creative inventiveness.’
    • ‘It is done with all the skill and inventiveness of artists on the New York subway, but this is not turf warfare-this is street politics.’
    • ‘This is what inventiveness and creativeness mean: with limited means creating rich and excellent ends.’
    creativity, originality, innovation, invention, imagination, imaginativeness, creative power, creative talent, creative gift, fertility, ingeniousness, resourcefulness, enterprise
    originality, innovation, unusualness, freshness, novelty, newness, break with tradition
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