Definition of intramural in English:



  • 1Situated or done within the walls of a building.

    ‘both intramural and churchyard graves’
    • ‘The remains of seven infants within intramural burial pits showed disturbances due to intrusive portholes that caused varying degrees of disarticulation and loss of elements.’
    • ‘However, this failed to occupy the entire area defined by the walls: excavations have shown that extensive intramural quarters were used for market gardens and craft workshops, normally located outside the walls of Roman towns.’
    • ‘The first of these is the commitment to intramural addiction treatment in closed psychiatric hospitals.’
    • ‘In November 1933, a new provision was added to the criminal code that provided the option of forced intramural treatment for mentally disturbed and addicted offenders.’
    • ‘The exact number of subadult burials associated with each house stage cannot be specified, but for purposes of our inquiry the total number of intramural infant and child burials over two building stages is 14.’
    • ‘The intramural areas were the main focus of the 1978-79 fieldwork; therefore, the sample is not adequate to judge the proportion of extramural vs. intramural burial.’
    • ‘The pit for another intramural infant burial, BU - 7, was located parallel to both west wall trenches, and its association with house stages is unclear.’
    inner, interior, inside
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    1. 1.1North American Taking place within a single educational institution.
      ‘recreational intramural games’
      • ‘He has played trumpet for the Cal Marching Band and enjoys running and playing intramural sports.’
      • ‘It is unclear how many students would actually take advantage of increased athletic opportunities if such were offered, but intramural program participation may shed some light on the subject.’
      • ‘During its course, this class developed a highly competitive intramural athletic program, where competition was keen and spirited, perhaps a classic understatement.’
      • ‘This intramural trivia tournament will be running from noon till 6 p.m. in the MC building.’
      • ‘This term, intramural basketball has been more popular than in previous summer terms with a whopping 43 teams.’
      • ‘In the fall of 2000, ultimate was part of the intramural sport rotation, but was not on the spring agenda.’
      • ‘The building was put up in 1862 and in 1875 hosted an intramural hockey game pitting two teams of McGill students.’
      • ‘I play a lot of low-level sports, like intramural frisbee, intramural basketball.’
      • ‘Because all physical education classes and intramural practices or games are approximately 1 hour in duration, we described exposure in terms of hours of participation.’
      • ‘Students debated both in their classrooms and in intramural competitions.’
      • ‘I love the magazine, but I would like to see more sports coverage of intramural basketball, softball, etc., from various Navy commands around the world.’
      • ‘Athletics first appeared on American college campuses as an intramural activity, a much-needed recreational complement to academic life.’
      • ‘Bear in mind, though, that while I've played a good deal of intramural and pick-up hockey, I've never had any formal coaching, so I'm sure there are others more knowledgeable.’
      • ‘Boys from my class would take a break from intramural basketball practice and come by and point and laugh.’
      • ‘Who wants to play intramural volleyball when you can start up an economy or take over a third of the land?’
      • ‘If intramural sports cannot be made available within the school programs, community recreation departments could develop such activities.’
      • ‘After his accident at sea and years of rehabilitation, he went to American University in Washington, D.C. It was here that Jon returned to the soccer field, first with the intramural program.’
      • ‘Wilson was a coach and supervisor of intramural sports.’
      • ‘For those of you who like to throw balls at people, this semester has also seen dodgeball added to the intramural program, a game that met its capacity on the first day of registration.’
      • ‘In September, I served as the captain of the blue team in the Superintendent's Cup, my club's annual two-weekend co-ed intramural golf extravaganza.’
    2. 1.2 Forming part of normal university or college studies.
    3. 1.3Biology Medicine Situated within the wall of a hollow organ or a cell.
      ‘an intramural hematoma’
      • ‘Medically stable patients with intramural hematoma usually are managed conservatively with bowel rest.’
      • ‘In conclusion, coronary angiodysplasia combining large coronary aneurysms with diffuse dysplastic lesions of intramural vessels seems to be a rare entity with benign prognosis not requiring surgical repair.’
      • ‘Portal venous gas is seen in approximately 5% of patients and is caused by invasion of intramural gas into the intestinal venous system with migration to the liver.’
      • ‘Evidence also exists that the incidence of miscarriage may be increased in women with an intramural fibroid having in vitro fertilisation treatment.’
      • ‘A constricted isthmic portion joins the ampulla to the uterine wall; the length of the oviduct that passes through the wall of the uterus is termed the intramural portion of the organ.’
    4. 1.4 Situated or done within a community.
      ‘an intramural social symbol within the tribe’
      • ‘These include human resources, payroll and purchasing, as well as accounting functions such as billing, intramural processing and cash management.’
      • ‘In the intramural battles of the nascent conservation movement, Muir led the amateur, preservationist wing, which fought both with and against the professional, utilitarian faction under Gifford Pinchot.’
      • ‘We spice up the action with a bit of intramural animosity between crewmembers, which gives the film an occasional shot of action, but mostly it's scenic.’
      • ‘This is the kind of intramural spat we really like to see.’
      • ‘The intramural squabbling and partisan agendas of the past thirty-five years have often inhibited the discerning engagement with the culture that is imperative for a community of disciples called to be salt and light.’
      • ‘The Ex-Presidents Club, after all, does not look kindly on intramural criticism.’
      • ‘And all these intramural battles will be for nothing.’
      • ‘There is also another odd intramural competition within the first-floor bookstores, as there are some that specialized in importing the books from mainland China into Hong Kong.’
      • ‘The institution may set up chess tournaments and prizes, or provide intramural work for electricians, and thereby increase the likelihood of learning to play chess or attaining competence as an electrician.’
      • ‘The Hill notes that the partisan fighting is now intramural, with conservative Republicans fighting against the Centrists.’
      • ‘It wasn't pretty, although it had its own intramural dog-fight charm, the kind of ridiculous, bareknuckled fracas that can now be found almost exclusively on the Internet.’
      • ‘But intramural church arguments do not usually warrant space.’


Mid 19th century: from intra- ‘within’ + Latin murus ‘wall’ + -al.