Definition of intractability in US English:



  • See intractable

    • ‘In all its intractability, this is the conversation that so many in so many different extra-governmental forums are now trying to ignite.’
    • ‘Because of the intractability of her condition, the offender's prospects of rehabilitation are negligible.’
    • ‘Add to that a large body of psychiatric literature detailing the stubborn intractability of pedophilia, and it all adds up to a class of persons popularly considered beyond redemption.’
    • ‘He was often accused of political intractability, a lack of imperativeness, too great a readiness to take clairvoyants seriously, and excessive slyness.’
    • ‘The intractability should remind us that the issue is not pro or anti globalization, but how to make publicly accountable the oligarchy that has led us into this experience of globalization as breeding more and more injustice.’