Definition of intoxicating in US English:



  • 1(of alcoholic drink or a drug) liable to cause intoxication.

    • ‘The use of the mushroom has continued up to the present day in parts of Lapland and Siberia, where it is dried and chewed or made into an intoxicating drink.’
    • ‘It's a physical law of the universe that grandiose plans made under the influence of intoxicating beverages pave a sure path to disaster or disappointment.’
    • ‘‘There was a strong smell of intoxicating liquor off him,’ he said, adding that on the passenger seat was a large bottle of Southern Comfort and a large soft drink bottle.’
    • ‘The contradictory attitudes towards intoxicating drinks continue into modern times.’
    • ‘You have these two intoxicating drugs, and they are both kind of at the same level.’
    • ‘Further, monks, a noble disciple gives up the taking of what is not given gives up sexual misconduct gives up wrong speech gives up intoxicating drinks and drugs causing heedlessness, and abstains from them.’
    • ‘There were drinks of different shades and varying levels of intoxicating alcohol.’
    • ‘Refrain from intoxicating drink and drugs which lead to carelessness’
    • ‘One of the officers then formed the opinion that the respondent had been drinking intoxicating liquor and requested him to provide a specimen of breath for a breath test.’
    • ‘Westport Town Council recently adopted by-laws which aim to control the consumption of intoxicating liquor in public places.’
    • ‘Everyone knows it's a much less intoxicating drug than alcohol, but the use of that is celebrated.’
    • ‘He has been charged with seven counts of child molestation and two counts of administering intoxicating liquor to a minor with the intent of committing a crime.’
    • ‘The Mines Safety and Inspection Regulations 1995 prohibit anyone from being in or on a mine while the person is adversely affected by intoxicating liquor or drugs.’
    • ‘As for me, I was for legalization of intoxicating drugs then, and remain so now.’
    • ‘Also banned is consuming intoxicating liquor or having intoxicating liquor or drugs or solvents.’
    • ‘They must also abstain from intoxicating drinks or drugs, and live a life of celibacy.’
    • ‘The police had objected to the granting of a provisional licence by magistrates on the grounds the premises are unsuitable for the sale of intoxicating liquor.’
    • ‘After the stock of alcohol in my room had run out, I walked - fell - down the stairs and stumbled towards the kitchen in search of more of the intoxicating drink.’
    • ‘After which came bewitchingly beautiful nymphs, intoxicating drinks, great and speedy horse, auspicious elephant, wish granting trees etc.’
    • ‘The crowd were so well behaved, without an intoxicating drink passing their lips.’
    alcoholic, containing alcohol
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    1. 1.1 Exhilarating or exciting.
      ‘the intoxicating touch of freedom’
      • ‘Part of her was thrilled by the flood of intoxicating, alien feelings, but the other, more rational side of her knew what they represented - a long steep slide towards madness.’
      • ‘The result is an intoxicating sense of power, accompanied by all the ills that come when flawed creatures use knowledge to pursue their conflicting ends.’
      • ‘Their lips met again, their kisses more ardent and intoxicating than the last, the touch of one another's skin sending pleasant shivers down each's spine.’
      • ‘And then I would get to spend the whole night in the bookstore, reading and browsing and being thrilled by the intoxicating smell of new books.’
      • ‘You use your whole experience in a hunt and chase which will hopefully result in an exhilarating, intoxicating experience in some of the most awesome surroundings on the planet.’
      • ‘There is the intoxicating sense of spring arriving with the opening of the salmon fishing season on Sunday, February 1st and for brown trout on the 15th of the month.’
      • ‘That intoxicating sense of purpose that makes opposition politics so much more compelling than the governing variety.’
      • ‘Groggily the world opened its eyes on Wednesday, still half-drunk from the heady, intoxicating punch that is the US presidential elections.’
      • ‘I closed my eyes, breathing a sigh of relief, feeling the intoxicating sense of victory wash over me.’
      • ‘That wonderful sense of independence was just intoxicating.’
      • ‘I'm going back to my desk to continue inhaling the intoxicating, heady scent of my new PC.’
      • ‘It's not exactly the kind of intoxicating credo that would send an inspired youth on the mad path of poetry.’
      • ‘Their addiction to the intoxicating thrill of climbing, coupled with the magnificent insouciance of youth, led them to take on a challenge which had defeated everyone else.’
      • ‘The paradox of freedom and formality leads to an intoxicating performance, which in a venue as intimate as McGarrigles leads to silent awe when ever their guitar strings are plucked in anger.’
      • ‘A show of this range can create an intoxicating sense of mastery, fostering the illusion that one can drink in the essence of a century during an afternoon.’
      • ‘There would be no time to pause to absorb the tranquillity of the mountain or smell the invigorating fresh pine, or devour the intoxicating views of the wooded valley that decades have done little to alter.’
      • ‘It was no free ride, but it was a very exciting, intoxicating time for me.’
      • ‘Anglers can shake off the confinements of winter and enjoy the intoxicating sense of spring arriving.’
      • ‘An historic inflationary jolt was delivered - more powerful and intoxicating than anyone could ever have imagined.’
      • ‘He could smell her exhilarant, intoxicating scent, he could taste her lips, her saliva.’
      heady, exhilarating, thrilling, exciting, rousing, stirring, stimulating, invigorating, electrifying, inspiring, galvanizing
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