Definition of intolerableness in US English:



  • See intolerable

    • ‘When the only possible premonition of the future is the intolerableness of the present, it is easy to understand why the unforeseen happened.’
    • ‘That kind of embarrassment and intolerableness caused by being refused to fill questionnaire or to accept an interview by interviewees again and again, if even more than reprimand from teachers.’
    • ‘The perseverance of the rider, however, has the effect of making the intolerableness of the present moment unending for the horse.’
    • ‘But Calvin replies in saying that they had not done anything too hastily, or rashly, desiring to show the necessity of their reforms over and against the intolerableness of a gradual reformation.’
    • ‘The Plaintiffs own views of the intolerableness of their working conditions is not sufficient to prove a constructive discharge.’