Definition of interwork in US English:



[no object]Computing
  • (of items of hardware or software) be able to connect, communicate, or exchange data.

    ‘servers running new and old versions of the software will interwork’
    • ‘The multiservice carrier network core should consist of network elements capable of switching ATM control plane cells, MPLS control plane packets and interworking the ATM/MPLS user planes.’
    • ‘For this solution to have merit, it must be a simple operation - a single system instead of multiple systems interworking to achieve the same result.’
    • ‘No, and anyway the national root domains could if necessary interwork without them.’
    • ‘Modern hardware and software technologies can easily beat the performance threshold of legacy ATM products, helping the solution scale better and interwork with other systems more easily than today's networks do.’
    • ‘The invention can process the ISDN signaling to select ATM connections and then interwork the ISDN connections with the selected ATM connections.’
    entwine, lace, work, twist, knit, interlace, intertwine, intertwist, interknit, twist together, criss-cross, braid, twine, plait
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