Definition of interwind in US English:



[with object]usually as adjective interwound
  • Wind together.

    ‘a transformer consists of two interwound coils’
    • ‘It was found that an interwound configuration describes the data well, provided interactions among supercoils are accounted for in the second virial approximation.’
    • ‘The two monomers are interwound, forming a lobster-like structure with two flexible arms consisting of two antiparallel-ribbons.’
    • ‘The two HC, a-helical domains are helically interwound, giving the molecules a long, rigid superhelical structure with 2 globular headpieces.’
    • ‘Surprisingly, the soft denatured region is most often found in positions where the interwound superhelix forms branches, unlike permanently curved regions, which tend to localize in the apex of the superhelix.’
    • ‘The inverted conformation is now a positive trefoil, and two different catenanes result from the reaction-a negatively single-linked catenane or a catenane formed by double helical interwinding.’
    entwine, interweave, interlace, interthread, intertwist, twist, coil, twirl, ravel, lace, braid, plait, knit
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