Definition of intertribal in US English:



  • 1Existing or occurring between different tribes.

    ‘intertribal conflict’
    • ‘Therefore, Stevens, following the lead established in the 1851 Fort Laramie Treaty, reasoned that an intertribal peace treaty was absolutely necessary if any kind of order were to prevail on the west side of the mountains.’
    • ‘Some of this has even led to intertribal disputes and fighting.’
    • ‘Competition in trading led to intertribal conflict.’
    • ‘Without Western support, such countries as Somalia and Zaire descended into chaos and intertribal conflict, often with horrendous loss of life.’
    • ‘Of course, when thinking of ritualized warfare, most commentators cite examples from intertribal conflicts in cultures such as Papua New Guinea.’
    • ‘Much of the intertribal strife of the seventeenth century originated in long-standing competitiveness and jealously which was highly exacerbated by the introduction of European goods.’
    • ‘As French and English fur trade increased, so did intertribal warfare, exterminating some tribes and driving others, including the Dakota, on to the plains.’
    • ‘Constant intertribal feuding prevented both the formation of larger political units and the development of any economic co-operation.’
    • ‘The Chechens are divisible into several tribes, and intertribal tensions are a part of Chechnya history.’
    • ‘The British also put an end to intertribal warfare and conflicts.’
    • ‘Or, for that matter, could the intertribal warfare be reconciled with the intertribal peace requirements set down for the buffalo hunters by the Stevens treaties?’
    • ‘In some cultures, complete democracy or freedom of speech can lead to social instability or prolonged civil and intertribal wars.’
    • ‘This emerging national Indian policy generated a particular predicament in Montana Territory where the last years of the 1860s saw increased intertribal raiding, hostilities, and casualties.’
    • ‘Recruiting from tribes could lead to intertribal fighting similar to skirmishes currently taking place in parts of Afghanistan.’
    • ‘Muslim and Western scholarly consensus on the character of pre-Islamic Arabia describes a society plagued by constant blood feuds and intertribal wars.’
    • ‘Crazy Horse achieved renown in intertribal warfare on the northern Great Plains and in conflict with the U.S. Army.’
    • ‘During the reign of Abu Bakr, the first Caliph after Muhammed, most of the Bedouin tribes reverted to their old ways of intertribal warfare, and Abu Bakr had to wage war against them in order to return them to the flock.’
    • ‘These included decorative artifacts, painted tepees that served as card rooms, and a series of so-called ‘picture writing’ panels that depicted the war records of individual Blackfeet intertribal war veterans.’
    • ‘Once across the Rocky Mountains, the western bison hunters, who generally enjoyed a surprising degree of intertribal peace at home, especially on the Columbia Plateau, engaged in bitter and bloody fights with plains tribes.’
    • ‘When I started as governor, Gaul tribes had begun a dangerous practice of requesting German help with their intertribal conflicts.’
    1. 1.1 Involving members of more than one tribe.
      ‘an intertribal group’
      • ‘Dance will be a major part of the powwow, with several rounds of exhibition and intertribal dancing - and lots of audience participation - on both days.’
      • ‘But, whereas Deming and the largest number of tourists arrived at the intertribal camp west of Browning by automobile or a famous White brand touring bus, Seyler proudly rode there across country on horseback with the wrangler Old Dutch.’
      • ‘Don'ts: don't refuse an invitation to join in on an intertribal dance.’
      • ‘For this reason, Luo intertribal marriage is most likely to occur with members from neighboring Baluya societies, which are Bantu.’
      • ‘In this way, each of the tribes offered its own training specialty through an intertribal network of smoke-signal creators.’