Definition of internationalize in English:



  • 1Make (something) international.

    • ‘He has sought to deflect criticism from himself by trying to internationalise the conflict.’
    • ‘It's internationalizing the conflict even more.’
    • ‘The only way to avoid such pitfalls would be to totally internationalize the creation of the governing institutions and democratic structures.’
    • ‘The key is that there is absolutely no strategic, moral, or diplomatic reason why internationalizing the occupation has to be seen as a failure.’
    • ‘And then, I would try to internationalize this whole effort as quickly as possible so America couldn't be the source of continuing resentment and violence.’
    • ‘By internationalizing a conflict or political dispute, non-state dissident actors give themselves access to a broader range of resources not available domestically.’
    • ‘So anticipating those additional costs, we thought we would internationalize them, instead of having our troops taking virtual all the risk and our taxpayers paying all of the bill.’
    • ‘Other than that, the recommendations are uncannily familiar: We must internationalize our conflicts.’
    • ‘Deploying foreign forces to the strait, which is part of the territorial sea and economic zone of the littoral states, would infringe upon the sovereign rights of those states and would internationalize the strait.’
    • ‘All this talk about internationalizing the war leaves me cold because it isn't going to happen.’
    • ‘But these are better viewed, like the term ‘common concern’ as expressions of the common interest of all states in certain forms of ecological protection, and not as attempts to internationalize ownership of resources.’
    • ‘We failed, in No. 4, to internationalize the effort’
    • ‘I think it's very important that we internationalize this occupation.’
    • ‘In effect, it was Russian generals and their turncoat allies who internationalized a war that should never have begun and which could have been peaceably resolved long ago.’
    • ‘India is wary of internationalizing the problem.’
    • ‘You've talked about the need to internationalize the operation there.’
    • ‘I do think we ought to internationalize elections.’
    • ‘The American organized labor movement needs to internationalize its organizing and unification efforts.’
    • ‘He believes in internationalizing the situation.’
    • ‘If we do that, and at the same time, internationalize the project sufficiently, then there will be an easy way for creators to signal the freedoms they intend to run with their work.’
  • 2Bring (a place) under the protection or control of two or more nations.

    ‘an internationalized city’
    • ‘There are various ways of doing this, from continuing the U.N. oil-for-food program, to internationalizing Iraqi oil fields, to monitoring and limiting the movement of Iraqi oil on land or sea.’