Definition of internally in US English:



  • 1With reference to the inner surface or structure of something; inside.

    ‘ammunition is mounted internally in the fuselage’
    • ‘Entries are marked by cantilevered translucent glass canopies, which are internally illuminated to glow at night.’
    • ‘Internally, the central span peaked on rounded trusses.’
    • ‘The luminaires have a translucent prismatic glass diffuser, in three sizes, internally colored in white, yellow, blue, or gray.’
    • ‘Kuma employs steel mesh internally to "dematerialize" the environment further.’
    • ‘The use internally of even the poorest quality wood is in fact a common feature of many pieces of royal furniture.’
    • ‘At night, the webs in the holes glow as inflatable elements are internally lit.’
    • ‘Internally, a light-filled atrium is enclosed on three sides by office floors for deskbound employees.’
    • ‘He provides a clerestory panel just below ceiling level, then adds a horizontal baffle internally.’
    • ‘Externally smooth and internally corrugated, the appearance is reminiscent of early aeronautical construction.’
    • ‘Internally, detailing is relatively basic, almost crude.’
    1. 1.1 On the inside of the body.
      ‘he was bleeding internally from an ulcer’
      • ‘With aging, a greater proportion of the fat is located internally, or viscerally.’
      • ‘Used externally or internally, turmeric promotes healing in cases of trauma or injury.’
      • ‘Externally it is very safe to use, but poisonous when taken internally.’
      • ‘It helps overcome mucus, treats colds, helps reduce fat, aids digestion and circulation, and warms internally.’
      • ‘Its oil is recommended to relieve pains, constipation, and arthritis, both externally and internally.’
      • ‘This can be used to gargle, rinse the mouth, or take internally to treat sore throats and toothache.’
      • ‘Internally it can be taken to help heal gastrointestinal ulcers.’
      • ‘Castor oil is used internally as a laxative, but many tell us it works externally for warts.’
      • ‘Garlic can be applied externally or internally to relieve pain, promote healing, stimulate digestion, and treat insomnia.’
      • ‘The immune system encounters substances either present in the external milieu, like bacteria, or harbored internally, such as viruses.’
    2. 1.2 Used to indicate that something occurs or comes from within an organization, country, etc.
      ‘the job was advertised internally’
      ‘the party is deeply divided internally’
      • ‘The reorganization was disclosed internally last week.’
      • ‘The state was being challenged internally by the emergence of ethnic and other forms of identity politics.’
      • ‘Although I got down to the final cut, they hired internally, which is usually what happens.’
      • ‘The position was posted internally for one week in mid-September and then posted externally in the paper for two weeks.’
      • ‘Documents circulated internally in the spring regarding the case credited him for exposing Heywood's murder.’
      • ‘His brother was the only officer to apply for the high school job after it was posted internally last fall.’
      • ‘The company handled its financial issues internally and has broadened its appeal by offering its first opera by 20th-century composer Benjamin Britten this season.’
      • ‘The bishop went on to resist calls for foreign intervention, saying the country was capable of resolving its problems internally.’
      • ‘Is there any sign of any rift internally, or is this just something all the outsiders and pundits are talking about?’
      • ‘Even our own faith is in turmoil internally, split over same-sex marriages, divorce, gay priests, and more.’
    3. 1.3 Used to indicate that something is experienced in one's mind rather than being expressed.
      ‘his voice always made me cringe internally’
      ‘she sighed internally’
      • ‘You'll find that those with whom you do make eye contact are internally wincing at his remarks.’
      • ‘That was the phone call that made me vow internally not to call him for a week.’
      • ‘He suffered greatly internally, and he spent years trying to "make it up" to Jake and fully express his remorse.’
      • ‘We always look for what is acceptable on the exterior, disregarding what values exist internally.’
      • ‘She may feel internally like punishing the partner, but externally she is still helpless and needs a home.’
      • ‘You may be one of those people whose esteem is based externally rather than internally.’
      • ‘The ability to remain calm, internally as well as externally, is a wonderful ability.’
      • ‘Even if they didn't seem awkward to me, internally that was the way they viewed themselves.’
      • ‘His ability to use language internally, in reflective communication with himself, was strong, in clear contrast to his weak use of language to communicate with others.’
      • ‘A person who is internally happy will be able to get past life's obstacles.’
  • 2Computing
    Using the main memory rather than a disk or tape drive.

    ‘the data is stored internally’
    • ‘While the application itself may gain some speed internally, these types of applications need only keep pace with human levels of read and write times.’
    • ‘It should do the scan conversion internally.’
    • ‘Just keep in mind that the way a projector works the signal is always internally converted to a progressive scan signal.’
    • ‘Portable storage media, readily available internally and sent outside the protection of the data center, is inherently at risk to theft.’
    • ‘Two probable causes are driver optimizations and the way the cards handle the processing internally.’
    • ‘This increases storage performance on random workloads by allowing the drive to internally optimize the order of commands.’
    • ‘The drive is available as an internally configured unit and as a self-standing enclosed unit.’
    • ‘It is a recovery site for internally hosted infrastructure.’
    • ‘This allows the drive to internally optimize the execution order of workloads or commands.’
    • ‘Every application has its own way of internally representing data, and not all business partners are going to agree on the same dialect of XML.’