Definition of intermesh in English:



  • (of two or more things) mesh with one another.

    • ‘This work also intermeshed with that of the Department of Agriculture.’
    • ‘Delicate keyboard work intermeshes cleanly with heavy and crunchy guitar.’
    • ‘A second counter-shaft gear 12, intermeshes with a corresponding gear 16, mounted on the output shaft 4.’
    • ‘What we are, what our lives are, intermesh with all of the world, certainly all of the human world, but all of the non-human, living world, the material world.’
    • ‘A twin-screw has four male lobes that intermesh with six female lobes.’
    • ‘In this portion of the novel, symbolism of names intermeshes with characterization for two major purposes.’
    • ‘The clay body is held together firmly by the collapsed molecules of aluminum dioxide and silicon oxide, which intermesh like a basket weave.’
    • ‘Other cover crops have a massive, fine root system that intermeshes with soil particles, stabilizing aggregation and creating many small channels.’
    • ‘Like Iraq, as politics intermeshed with intelligence, another drama involving an Australian intelligence officer was playing out.’
    • ‘In this matrix of power, where patriarchal structures intermeshed with basic economic structures of labor exploitation, the position of white women was ambiguous.’
    • ‘The exceptional cases and the conforming cases intermesh very much like flesh and blood.’
    • ‘A center channel of the very highest calibre, it intermeshes perfectly to provide great resolution, yet retains a non-fatigueing articulate presentation that defies description.’
    • ‘One mark is smeared on top of another, and so forth, until foreground, middle ground and background intermesh in a perpetual but confusing push-pull.’
    • ‘At one level, the novel is about male sexual fantasies, at another it is about the role of memory, both the recent and remote past and how they intermesh with the present.’
    engage, interconnect, interlink, mesh, fit together, join together, join, unite, connect, yoke, mate, couple
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