Definition of interleave in English:



  • 1Insert pages, typically blank ones, between the pages of (a book)

    ‘books of maps interleaved with tracing paper’
    • ‘If you already have two-sided albums, often interleaving in selected areas solves a lot of problems.’
    • ‘Anna Howell kept a record of her gardening interleaved in agricultural almanacs and often mentioned the many hazards she encountered.’
    • ‘There is actually a third interleaving, of letters from his Jewish wife, which I have not mentioned.’
    • ‘He is thought to have used an interleaved copy of his dictionary as a foundation word list and had the help of some half a dozen amanuenses.’
    • ‘There was plate after plate of exquisite illustrations, interleaved with pages of old-fashioned print, detailing some long and involved story of Pacific pioneers.’
    • ‘The manuscript corrections are on an interleaved copy of Thomson's Works, now in the British Library.’
    • ‘The edition size is 125 and comes packaged in a custom linen portfolio box interleaved with vellum sheets.’
    • ‘The event notes are interleaved with my own thoughts, which progress over the seminar and gradually completely dominate.’
    • ‘That's all you need to produce simple, interleaved entries.’
    • ‘Is there or is there not advantage to be gained by trying to interleave the supplementary material into the book so that material appears in a single series rather than in two disconnected series.’
    1. 1.1 Place something between the layers of (something)
      ‘pasta interleaved with strips of zucchini and carrot’
      • ‘On another night, he composed a surf-clam sashimi of crimson-and-white, thorn-shaped slices interleaved with wisps of lemon, so that it resembled a gorgeous sea dragon.’
      • ‘To achieve a perfect shuffle, the deck is divided exactly in half, and the cards of the two halves are alternately interleaved.’
      • ‘When our turn came we helped ourselves to piles of rocket and Parmesan, salami and Parma ham, slices of buffalo mozzarella interleaved with juicy, ripe tomatoes and a couple of portions of saltimbocca.’
      • ‘More commonly, anhedral masses are found interleaved with giant biotite crystals.’
      • ‘If you're going to store watercolour paintings, interleave them with archival tissue and wrap the bundles tightly in non-permeable opaque plastic, between stiff boards.’
      • ‘Pomerol's finest wines are in general made on the highest parts of the plateau, which is predominantly gravel whose layers are interleaved with clay, becoming sandier in the west, where rather lighter wines are made.’
      • ‘They are interleaved, like interlocked fingers, so that as you pull apart the two halves of the pod, they unfold from one another.’
      • ‘This system consists of four large detectors, each containing a stack of wire chambers interleaved with a sandwich of thin lead plates that are drilled with a fine matrix of holes.’
      • ‘They are interleaved and left to bump along together, without too much connective thread.’
      • ‘The red and green words were displayed at the same height on the display monitor, but were offset horizontally such that their letters were interleaved.’
      • ‘Ash layers are generally interleaved with beds of lava and sediment, and so a rock that contains such a layer was formed at approximately the time of the ash deposition.’
      • ‘These routes were double spaced and interleaved with ground.’
      • ‘The target section is made up of 31 brick walls interleaved with 31 target trackers.’
      • ‘At ground level it comprises tracts of both dense and open-canopy forest dominated by conifers such as fir, larch, pine, and spruce, interleaved with boggy terrains.’
      • ‘One is the performance advantage of being able to interleave commands to different physical spindles.’
      • ‘Ice cream of various kinds is used in addition, being placed in the mould so as to surround the bombe mixture or be interleaved with it.’
      • ‘The remaining participants were assigned to a ‘random practice’ condition, in which the three patterns were randomly interleaved.’
  • 2Computing Telecommunications
    Mix (two or more digital signals) by alternating between them.

    • ‘It interleaves the remaining analog signal with the digital and splits them in time by transmitting the analog information separate from the digital signal.’
    • ‘The interleaving of channels, which provoked so much criticism from operators striving to offer data services, is now entirely eliminated.’
    1. 2.1 Divide (memory or processing power) between a number of tasks by allocating segments of it to each task in turn.
      • ‘Data in a RAID 0 volume is arranged into blocks that are interleaved among the disks so that reads and writes can be performed in parallel.’