Definition of interior decoration in US English:

interior decoration

(also interior decorating)


  • The decoration of the interior of a building or room, especially with regard for color combination and artistic effect.

    • ‘Many a dealer spends a fortune on interior decoration, lighting and innovative display techniques.’
    • ‘Apart from fiction, there are books on medicine, history, interior decoration, travel, cookery, fashion designing and puzzles.’
    • ‘He also had a soft spot for interior decoration.’
    • ‘If you have a new apartment and a lot of money, would you rather spend it on long-term interior decoration or on a set of nice furniture?’
    • ‘The interior decoration in the public areas will also soon be finished.’
    • ‘Indeed, the squiggle-painted decoration in the original kitchen is representative of interior decoration in its earliest incarnation in America.’
    • ‘Not many know that the artiste has a refined taste for interior decoration.’
    • ‘We have bought the snooker tables and the building price includes interior decoration.’
    • ‘That's £24,000 for things like holidays, interior decoration, digital cameras, mobile phones, Botox injections and all the other pleasures afforded by modern life.’
    • ‘He was famed for his work in stained and painted glass, interior decoration, and furniture design.’
    • ‘The property was completely refurbished just 12 years ago and is only in need of interior decoration and fittings.’
    • ‘Finally, she told me I ‘had artistic leanings and would succeed in the world of interior decorating.’’
    • ‘She has been using images from popular culture to create images which refer to a traditional form of interior decoration.’
    • ‘To attract more high-profile customers, he set aside nearly 10,000 dollars for interior decoration.’
    • ‘Along with flowerpots and utensils, they also sell decorated vases and other accessories for interior decoration like earthen bells.’
    • ‘He also put over 1 million yuan into interior decoration.’
    • ‘As the concept of interior decoration is gaining popularity, handcrafted materials made in the traditional style are much sought after to beautify a place.’
    • ‘It is, in essence, interior decoration for renters.’
    • ‘The place is a pinnacle of interior decoration for a coffee shop.’
    • ‘The garden is looking good, the fish pond is planted and cleaning up nicely with its new filtration system, and the workshop is now weatherproof and ready for interior decoration.’


interior decoration

/inˈˌtirēər ˌdekəˈrāSHən//ɪnˈˌtɪriər ˌdɛkəˈreɪʃən/