Definition of interference fit in US English:

interference fit


  • A fit between two parts in which the external dimension of one part slightly exceeds the internal dimension of the part into which it has to fit.

    • ‘The T101 temper substantially increases compressive yield strength, improving the ability of a bearing housed in a material of lower thermal expansion to maintain an interference fit through cycles of heating and cooling.’
    • ‘Primers are an interference fit in the pocket so there's a delicate balancing act in the amount of force needed to do the job.’
    • ‘These methods theoretically enhance the ‘interference fit’ and thus provide more rigid fixation of the hamstring graft.’
    • ‘It allows engineers to do real-time calculations such as beam design, column design, spring design, pressure vessels, interference fits, spring mass systems, and so forth.’
    • ‘Each hole is progressively smaller, and the corresponding plugs of heavy metal are turned on a lathe to produce the correct interference fit.’