Definition of interface in US English:



  • 1A point where two systems, subjects, organizations, etc. meet and interact.

    ‘the interface between accountancy and the law’
    • ‘A braking actuation system serves as the interface between the driver and the braking system.’
    • ‘Significant potential for new intervention strategies lies at the interface between these systems.’
    • ‘Coastal lands - the interface between land and sea - are of significant ecological, economic, and cultural importance.’
    • ‘Versailles was the working interface between the divinely appointed monarch and his elite subjects, and kept them occupied, under the king's eye and out of mischief.’
    • ‘The transmission system is the interface between generation and distribution.’
    • ‘The key account manager acts as the primary interface between the supplier organization and the customer.’
    • ‘Yet the distinction is not always clear, as the interface between individual and organizational workplace issues is often significant and complex.’
    • ‘But there has been a concern among researchers that the interface between these two policy areas has been characterised by poor policy coherence and weak delivery.’
    • ‘The various denominations and theological camps act as the interface between the believer and the kernel of the evangelical faith.’
    • ‘His interests shifted when he met a professor who studied the interface between psychology and philosophy.’
    • ‘At times the road seemed to be no more than a tenuous interface between massive swells of two very different natures - implacable ocean and eternal earth.’
    • ‘Both works explored the interface between two cultures.’
    • ‘‘If we didn't understand the interface between design and marketing, we'd just be selling jerseys,’ says Moon.’
    • ‘A clear and agreed agenda for the private sector's role is essential, together with proper systems to develop, manage, and monitor the interface between both sectors.’
    • ‘‘Achieving the Vision’ was formulated by the Local Strategic Partnership, an interface between business and the regulators.’
    • ‘Each Member State is represented on this committee, which is the interface between the Commission and the Council, and it is here that positions on issues are sussed out.’
    • ‘Today's shallow, thrust-type earthquake occurred off the west coast of northern Sumatra at the interface between the India and Burma plates.’
    • ‘Since interviewers represent the interface between the research and the respondent, they have an important role in maximizing the response rate for the survey.’
    • ‘And secondly, there seems to be a problem with the interface between the mental health part of the system and other parts of the health system, especially in the community.’
    • ‘Mr.Thampan feels that the scientific establishment in the State should aim at improving the interface between industry and research institutions.’
    1. 1.1Physics A surface forming a common boundary between two portions of matter or space, e.g., between two immiscible liquids.
      ‘the surface tension of a liquid at its air/liquid interface’
      • ‘The setup is currently upgraded by the simultaneous measurement of the surface tension of the interface.’
      • ‘Our results suggest that the adsorption of pulmonary surfactant to an air-liquid interface can be considered in terms of two sequential steps.’
      • ‘The effect of other properties of the interfaces (polarity, surface charge density) remains to be precisely determined.’
      • ‘To get this weak force to effectively push a liquid surface, the team produced a liquid interface with low surface tension.’
      • ‘The fact that proteins readily adsorb to solid surfaces in a liquid/solid surface interface is a well-recognized phenomenon.’
  • 2Computing
    A device or program enabling a user to communicate with a computer.

    • ‘A new type of computer interface is to enable blind people to feel and hear 3D graphic environments.’
    • ‘Using these interfaces enables numerous Windows programs to view mainframe data directly.’
    • ‘Running an embedded version of Windows XP, the device should have a familiar interface for most users.’
    • ‘They use a natural interface which enables users to highlight, scribble notes, bookmark and annotate.’
    • ‘The interaction between the computer interface and the user is far from perfect even for people who are computer literate.’
    1. 2.1 A device or program for connecting two items of hardware or software so that they can be operated jointly or communicate with each other.
      • ‘A switching function provides both connectivity and required text-based interfaces to area law enforcement databases.’
      • ‘We will look not only at the hardware but also at the software support and multi-media interface in great detail.’
      • ‘The gateway holds the hardware interfaces and software protocol stacks to get all the various technologies talking nicely to one another.’
      • ‘A laptop with recording software and a USB interface can serve as a totally portable recording studio.’
      • ‘Its standardized platform hardware interface allows the software and drivers to work across various platforms.’
      contact, dealings, relations, connection, association, communion, socializing, intercourse, social intercourse, social relations, interchange, correspondence, dialogue, talk, conversation, discussion, speaking, talking, chatting, meeting, getting in touch
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  • 1Interact with (another system, person, organization, etc.)

    ‘his goal is to get people interfacing with each other’
    • ‘At the Butler Gallery, he has chosen to interface with four other artists, all born in Rio de Janeiro during the 1960s.’
    • ‘All systems will have to be automated, and operating and control systems will have to be able to interface with medical systems.’
    • ‘Those are the individuals I have to interface with when there are incidents.’
    • ‘It is also essential that different departments do not bring their revised systems on-line prior to checking that other systems that interface with their own are able to seamlessly link into each other.’
    • ‘A winning team creates its own PR but the media, who interface with the public, play a crucial role at all times, and most especially when things are not going right on the field.’
    • ‘Members of the media had an opportunity to interface with the promoters and six of the band members at a press conference at the Marriott hotel, Mucurapo yesterday.’
    • ‘A major step for the DWP pension fund would be to create a committee to interface with independent auditors, Simpson said.’
    • ‘We will interface with machines through thought signals.’
    • ‘On his walls are plans for an array of laboratories that will eventually interface with the Sanger Institute for genetics and the cancer unit in Addenbrooke's hospital.’
    • ‘This is especially true when even a dedicated unit is asked to interface with the rest of the police department.’
    • ‘They've discovered that on average we interface with 832 individuals, meeting roughly half of those, engaging with the rest via telephone or e-mail.’
    • ‘Sadly an older model couldn't interface with the phone system, leaving her stuck with this.’
    • ‘To do this successfully, they needed a rather fluid system that could interface successfully between their clients' culture and the media culture.’
    • ‘He also has telekinesis for some reason, it's repeatedly referred to as the ability to interface with machinery, but by the end of the show he doesn't need to touch it to control it.’
    • ‘If they are a danger to the public, they mustn't be allowed to interface with us, but surely the mentally ill should be treated?’
    • ‘In the last century, idea-based art concepts began requiring viewers to meet art objects halfway, and to interface with ideas through art, not just passively look at the art.’
    • ‘The Committee has been using customary law practices to interface with the law and justice system through pre-court conferencing and other similar initiatives.’
    • ‘And yes, the building could've interfaced with the exhibits better.’
    • ‘The other units, already notified and instructed by the node, began to interface with the weapons systems and set up a force in the docking bay.’
    • ‘It is extremely easy to interface with it and adapt it for your use.’
    liaise, be in touch, be in contact, be in communication, make contact, have dealings, commune, meet, meet up
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  • 2Computing
    Connect with (another computer or piece of equipment) by an interface.

    • ‘One of Linux's greatest assets is its ability to add value to legacy technology investments by connecting and interfacing with old equipment or software.’
    • ‘Dry contacts also are provided to interface with dialers or data systems for remote monitoring.’
    • ‘The sound and video tracks are run on a DVD player, modified to interface with the computer.’
    • ‘That's when real certification will happen - guaranteeing that different companies' equipment will interface properly.’
    • ‘Ideally, it would interface with your computer desktop.’
    cooperate, work together, collaborate
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