Definition of intercede in English:



  • Intervene on behalf of another.

    ‘I begged him to intercede for Theresa, but he never did a thing’
    • ‘They have to get a bankruptcy judge to intercede on their behalf.’
    • ‘In the past year the agency interceded on behalf of immigrants from Somalia to Lebanon, from Iraq to Haiti, Brazil, and beyond.’
    • ‘Claudio asks his sister, Isabella, to intercede on his behalf, but Angelo demands a higher price than she is prepared to pay.’
    • ‘It is only when Jupiter intercedes on her behalf that the marriage deteriorates.’
    • ‘Deep prayer was required because the warriors were interceding on behalf of their friend against a foe that could take his life.’
    • ‘The living can appeal to them in their prayers, asking them to intercede on their behalf.’
    • ‘For that reason, the court could direct the government to intercede on behalf of the men earlier.’
    • ‘And nobody, not even the Turks, has yet interceded on their behalf.’
    • ‘I didn't intercede on the poor girl's behalf because it didn't seem to be that hard a question, and I thought she'd come through.’
    • ‘He asks us to intercede on his behalf and shows us his press card to prove his bona fides.’
    • ‘Even worse, Antonio can't count on the Duke to intercede on his behalf.’
    • ‘What if your brothers interceded on your behalf?’
    • ‘I'm not about to intercede on the little monster's behalf.’
    • ‘Are we going to need some sort of cyber-shaman to intercede on our behalf?’
    • ‘Had the Virgin Mary interceded on my behalf as a result of all that fervent prayer?’
    • ‘At this point the seconds, attempting to intercede, begged the pair to stop.’
    • ‘A group of motorcycle taxi drivers nearby stepped up to intercede.’
    • ‘Now, if you give me all your money, I'll intercede with God on your behalf and increase your chance of going to heaven.’
    • ‘Even so, many believe in the ability of ancestral spirits to influence events and intercede on behalf of kin.’
    • ‘We interceded on behalf of the living and the dead, and we confessed the sins of the whole world.’
    mediate, act as an intermediary, intermediate, negotiate, arbitrate, moderate, conciliate, act as honest broker, intervene, interpose, step in, become involved, get involved, act, take action, take measures, take a hand
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Late 16th century: from French intercéder or Latin intercedere ‘intervene’, from inter- ‘between’ + cedere ‘go’.