Definition of interagency in US English:



  • 1Taking place between different agencies.

    ‘yesterday's interagency decision’
    • ‘There needs to be inter-agency cooperation to inspect the fishing vessels, their trawling gear, and their catches.’
    • ‘It is an excellent example of inter-agency cooperation.’
    • ‘The Government acknowledges that more needs to be done, particularly on inter-agency co-operation.’
    • ‘‘The unit is a good example of inter-agency co-operation in the interest of those who have been traumatised by sexual violence,’ she said.’
    • ‘It provides clarity in the objectives of incident management and over time will result in a consistency of approach and facilitate inter-agency cooperation.’
    • ‘The UK has created an impressive capacity for inter-departmental and inter-agency collaboration.’
    • ‘Described as a blueprint to crack down on the trade in fake goods, the scheme involves closer inter-agency co-operation in the fight against pirates and bootleggers.’
    • ‘She's also published articles and two book chapters, both on different aspects of inter-agency work.’
    • ‘At a time when there is call for greater inter-agency cooperation, the Commissioner for Children provides a much-needed umbrella for child-focused organisations to refer to.’
    • ‘The whole emphasis of the Act is on inter-agency co-operation.’
    • ‘The guidance explains the purpose of the instruction, namely inter-agency co-operation in respect of child protection.’
    • ‘From the start, the government failed to develop a clear understanding of the project's scope and the level of inter-government and inter-agency cooperation that would be required.’
    • ‘The Commission highlighted the need for inter-agency cooperation and proper planning, including a central lead from the Departments of Health and the Environment.’
    • ‘He says: ‘We have expanded into other areas like crowd management for which there is a great demand at inter-agency level, like festivals and football stadia.’’
    • ‘The aim should be to develop and implement an inter-agency teenage pregnancy strategy, which should focus on prevention and support.’
    • ‘There are now domestic violence units within the police to promote an inter-agency approach to domestic violence.’
    • ‘After all these inter-agency negotiations, however, no shipper or haulier will agree to carry it because technically it is radioactive waste.’
    • ‘The old favourites are trotted out: better inter-agency working; more sharing of information; improved record-keeping; more sophisticated risk assessment.’
    • ‘How's that for inter-agency coordination?’
    • ‘The policy organization represents Defense in the inter-agency process, where its proposals are thrashed out along with those from State, CIA, the National Security Council and others.’
    1. 1.1 Constituted from more than one agency.
      ‘an interagency crisis-management team’
      • ‘You'd have international, inter-agency teams.’
      • ‘A South Eastern Health Board spokesperson responded that the issue was being considered by an inter-agency group.’
      • ‘In Britain, Prime Minister Tony Blair has reportedly been warned of a big increase in heroin smuggling by his inter-agency drugs action team.’
      • ‘Two previous inter-agency appeals to address the crisis in Ivory Coast have met with limited success, with just 43% of their requirements being fulfilled, OCHA said.’
      • ‘It received the report of an ad hoc inter-agency task force on tobacco control, which consisted of 19 international organisations.’
      • ‘Accordingly, an inter-agency Working Group was constituted with a member from each of the three organisations.’
      • ‘The inter-agency coordination team comprises six charities which work closely with the National Asylum Seekers Support service.’
      • ‘An inter-agency U.N. team found in one of these camps conditions of ‘imprisonment’ and a ‘systematic policy of starvation.’’
      • ‘Each diocese has been asked whether the Church's own guidelines are being followed in relation to the recommendations, including involvement in inter-agency committees.’
      • ‘In April 2004 a UN inter-agency investigating team followed up on a series of disturbing reports coming from a former governor of Darfur to this writer, and subsequently to a much larger audience.’
      • ‘The overall aim of the report, commissioned by an inter-agency group in Carlow, was to identify needs pertaining to young people deemed ‘at risk’ within the county.’