Definition of intentionality in US English:



  • 1The fact of being deliberate or purposive.

    • ‘The problem with purchasing labour is that it is a distinctly unusual commodity, imbued with intentionality.’
    • ‘Where oracles once spoke with a particular type of intentionality that provided a foundational basis for truth, we now cannot fall back on such myths.’
    • ‘For me, the intentionality, the planning, is wonderfully creative and incredibly sexy.’
    • ‘This follows a U.S. Supreme Court decision involving a tax protester some years ago and is consistent with our view that intentionality must underlie a criminal act.’
    • ‘The concern of the criminal law is with the level of intentionality with which the defendant acted, in other words, with what the defendant intended, knew, or should have known when he acted.’
    • ‘We will contribute to the world of positive youth development with practical applications driven by intentionality that can be used in any setting.’
    • ‘As I have already outlined, a social fact for Searle is any fact that involves collective intentionality.’
    • ‘Any fact that involves shared collective intentionality is a social fact.’
    • ‘Of course, these predicates unleash a horde of problems concerning vagueness, subjectivity, and intentionality, but difficulties along these lines do not imperil the basic approach.’
    • ‘Therefore, intentionality and deliberate programming done in camps often resulted in positive youth development.’
    • ‘The over-determined nature of intentionality invariably means a gap between what is intended and what can be seen.’
    • ‘I think we can safely say that the intentionality behind the ethnic cleansing of 750,000 is established beyond reasonable doubt.’
    • ‘Making a film from pre-existing images refracts so many layers of intentionality, it makes my head spin.’
    • ‘I agree with Josh that intentionality is the fundamental issue for those interested in assessing the administration's efforts.’
    • ‘There is a playing down of intentionality, and a stress on attentiveness and reception.’
    • ‘You mentioned language and its multiple meaning, metaphorical asides, its evocative transgressions and endearing intentionality.’
    • ‘In the voice, words are flooded with soulful intentionality; the soul emerges briefly from the obscure corporeal dark and is suddenly there.’
    • ‘Community is not experienced mostly through intentionality.’
    • ‘In light of the historical attention given to purposiveness and intentionality, it is worth asking what is required in the way of cognitive structure to support these aspects of adaptive behavior.’
    • ‘Preferences, plans, goals, and other markers of intentionality are at the highest level.’
    deliberateness, intent, design, calculation
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    1. 1.1Philosophy The quality of mental states (e.g., thoughts, beliefs, desires, hopes) that consists in their being directed toward some object or state of affairs.
      • ‘Where are we if we take the view that physicalism cannot account for the intentionality of mental items?’
      • ‘This would suggest that phenomenality was inherently intentional, while intentionality was not inherently phenomenal.’
      • ‘But the primary phenomena of intentionality are conscious experiences, including conscious thoughts.’
      • ‘The latter, it will be recalled, is characterized by intentionality, directedness towards an object.’
      • ‘But, alas, such a clear and distinct view of mental intentionality still eludes philosophers of mind.’