Definition of intensely in US English:



  • 1With extreme force or strength.

    ‘the fire was burning intensely’
    • ‘When the intensely ionizing particles found in space strike human tissue, it can result in cell damage and may eventually lead to cancer.’
    • ‘Both of the fish vibrate intensely while eggs and milt are simultaneously discharged.’
    • ‘This is based on the occurrence of trace fossils, principally on the abundance of intensely churned sediments there.’
    • ‘The volcano has been intensely fractured during the 2001 and 2002 flank eruptions.’
    • ‘The same is true for higher wind speeds, intensely turbulent conditions, and elevated temperatures.’
    • ‘Fires tend to burn more intensely in areas that have been logged.’
    • ‘The stone has been intensely drilled by marine organisms.’
    • ‘The enhanced monitoring capability will soon allow emergency responders and scientists to assess how intensely the ground shook in the region.’
    • ‘It is erupting more frequently and more intensely than during the last three centuries.’
    • ‘Mount St. Helens began rumbling more intensely Wednesday, prompting scientists to warn that a small or moderate eruption could come in the next few days.’
    1. 1.1 With extreme effort or attention.
      ‘she has the ability to concentrate intensely for long periods’
      ‘he stared intensely at the TV’
      • ‘The displays are focused intensely on the corpses and emphasize the painstaking choreography of the state funerals in the capital.’
      • ‘A farmer is likely to manage owned land more intensely than rented land, to preserve its productivity for future generations.’
      • ‘I continue to practice my childhood games almost constantly, and more intensely, but in a visual manner.’
      • ‘The toy is small, yet the artist stares intensely at it, puzzled by the magnitude of the myth.’
      • ‘Architects were commissioned to develop an alternative prison model that focuses more intensely on rehabilitation through intellectual, physical, and social education.’
      • ‘You often have to sit down to look more intensely at small items on tables.’
      • ‘We wanted to be able to work intensely on our diploma projects in our own space.’
      • ‘Individuals glimpsed intensely in the strange little city of sensations which has been made with such elemental means.’
      • ‘They worked intensely together for several months and developed a close, if not yet intimate, relationship.’
      • ‘The function, meaning, and impact of gift exchanges have been investigated intensely by anthropologists.’
  • 2To an extreme degree.

    ‘everything mattered intensely to William’
    as submodifier ‘an intensely competitive industry’
    • ‘A very young architect, working with a poor rural community, has generated an intensely spiritual space.’
    • ‘Despite the heat of fire and a midday sun, the tone of the photograph is, with its blues and greens, intensely cold.’
    • ‘He regarded the Chartres photographs as intensely important, though it is not clear what he intended to do with them.’
    • ‘Over many years, proposals were evolved for relocating the library to free it of the intensely cramped conditions in the Great Court.’
    • ‘Probably the worst instance was the section with intensely blue-green walls.’
    • ‘In essence, each window consists of two parallel, intensely vertical compositions.’
    • ‘She told him that she was "intensely happy" in Detroit.’
    • ‘His images are, in short, intensely expressive.’
    • ‘The swirling draperies create an intensely dramatic composition.’
    • ‘The two designs for gargoyles show him at his best in the sense that both versions are intensely decorative.’
    1. 2.1 With intense feeling or expression.
      ‘she intensely disliked any form of confrontation’
      • ‘He becomes your paternal architecture guide for the semester, and truly he does intensely care.’
      • ‘His suspicion of a plot to deny him the prize that he believed to be his due made him intensely hostile to the powerful academy.’
      • ‘Some people with obstructing lesions complain intensely about trivial bloating while others scarcely notice extreme bloating.’
      • ‘The two gaze intensely into each other's eyes, while a blue laser light flickers within an eyeball-like plastic dome.’
      • ‘I can only say that the number of admirers is balanced by those who disliked them intensely.’
      • ‘The design plans met with an intensely negative response from the public and press.’
      • ‘I feel so intensely angry with these so-called men because I know I'm being made a target because of my sex.’
      • ‘If their son is eliminated, they tend to cry intensely and protest with the jury.’
      • ‘In a lost attempt to make her happier, Joan's father had tried to make dinner, something he loathed intensely.’
      • ‘This poem provides an indication of how she felt about someone she was intensely involved with.’