Definition of intelligently in US English:



  • In a knowledgeable and insightful way; cleverly.

    ‘many spoke intelligently about the issues’
    ‘intelligently designed products’
    • ‘The best way to face the realities of today's business environment is to create a plan that intelligently responds to the ever-changing marketplace.’
    • ‘I'm glad to report that this intelligently fast-paced movie is now available on DVD.’
    • ‘In an earlier post, I mistakenly called it an "intelligently written" series.’
    • ‘Everything was very intelligently done, in terms of the parody of it.’
    • ‘My facility with either language is inadequate to determine whether the script reads any more intelligently in them.’
    • ‘The weight and presence of history and the demands of modern tourism are, for once, boldly and intelligently reconciled.’
    • ‘A commentary track by the director and producer is unusually informative and intelligently done.’
    • ‘The story centers around the five teams, and not once did I believe they were able to intelligently figure out the clues.’
    • ‘The exhibition rose to the task of intelligently surveying a prolific artist's long career.’
    • ‘Rarely does a character react to any situation intelligently.’