Definition of intelligence service in US English:

intelligence service


  • ‘European intelligence services worked very closely with their US counterparts’
    another term for intelligence agency
    • ‘He is a Catholic from Newry, who joined the British army in the 1970s and was then recruited into the intelligence services.’
    • ‘Our intelligence services have not been unable to come up with even one viable suspect.’
    • ‘The British intelligence services long ago created a modus operandi that left neither footprints nor political fallout.’
    • ‘It is a propaganda war of shadowy unprovables, in which the absence of an attack is claimed as a victory by the police and intelligence services.’
    • ‘It is also interesting to discover that the Soviets regarded MI6 as the best Western intelligence service.’
    • ‘He was monitored by the Dutch intelligence service since 2002 but was never a suspect of the highest order.’
    • ‘In the 1950s, U.S. and British intelligence services became aware of the Russian advances in the covert use of chemical and biological weapons.’
    • ‘Such information is strictly confidential and should be available only to top level people of the intelligence services and the head of police.’
    • ‘His perfect command of German made him an increasingly useful agent for the Soviet intelligence services.’
    • ‘The in camera sessions were intended as an opportunity for the intelligence services and Special Branch to put their case.’