Definition of insurrectionary in US English:



  • See insurrection

    • ‘But with no sign of the promised agrarian reforms, landless agricultural workers joined the urban insurrectionary movement, seized the large farming estates and started developing them collectively.’
    • ‘South Africa's government was by that time mired in an economic crisis and faced an insurrectionary mass movement of the black working class.’
    • ‘The demands for moral reform were also directed at an incomprehensible, and apparently subversive and insurrectionary, urban culture that actually intensified through attempts at repression and prohibition.’
    • ‘The insurrectionary municipal government sought to prevent a confrontation with the powers, but it was nevertheless committed to the unilateral abolition of the Foreign Concessions, and the threat remained.’
    • ‘Almost 40 years after its initial release it has tremendous resonance because it demonstrates the modus operandi of contemporary colonial oppression and reveals what gives rise to and fuels a nationalist insurrectionary movement.’