Definition of insured in English:



  • Covered by insurance.

    ‘the insured car’
    ‘a privately insured patient’
    ‘an insured risk’
    • ‘This unique policy covers accidental risks of both the insured pupil and his or her earning parent.’
    • ‘The additional attraction with all-risks cover is that this insurance covers your insured articles on a 24-hour basis in all locations worldwide.’
    • ‘In hospitals, insured patients are more likely to receive traditional Chinese medicine.’
    • ‘Annual premiums would shoot up to $230 for every $100,000 of insured deposits.’
    • ‘On 12 March 1991 the war risks cover was again renewed for 12 months with an insured value of US $5 million.’
    • ‘She must prove that, on the balance of probabilities, and insured risk has materialised.’
    • ‘The insured person must usually have been ill for a delay period (three to six months) before the income starts to become payable.’
    • ‘An insured attorney worked with a client for many years, including setting up certain business organizations.’
    • ‘Risks are spread among pools of insured people so that premiums for individuals are not unaffordable.’
    • ‘Furthermore, since physical impairment benefits are not linked to the income earning capability of the insured person the cover is limited by the assurance company.’
    • ‘Pace won't steal an insured car, so he returns the Mustang and goes hunting for a new one.’
    • ‘In addition there will be further claims in respect of loss of spare parts and other insured risks.’
    • ‘Because insured patients face no financial barrier to the utilization of care, economic theory predicts that the quantity demanded should increase.’
    • ‘Often it's cheaper to replace insured goods yourself rather than risk increased premiums.’
    • ‘And they have introduced a balance billing system whereby the insured patient must pay extra to make up the shortfall.’
    • ‘The bill for an insured patient depends on the contract between the carrier and the hospital.’
    • ‘Tell the insured patients that they can see any doctor they wish.’
    • ‘However the accident that occurred to that car was in fact when another car rammed it while it was stationary, so the insured car was stationary, even though it had bald tyres.’
    • ‘Where the pledge covers goods, the customer undertakes to keep them fully insured and promises to pay all charges due for their storage.’
    • ‘Check that the car is properly insured, paying particular attention to any excess clause.’


the insured
  • A person or organization covered by insurance.

    • ‘This type of insurance is also known as critical illness cover and pays out a lump sum when the insured is diagnosed with a serious illness covered under the policy.’
    • ‘The first question is whether the broker acts as agent of the insured, of the insurer, or of both.’
    • ‘The insurer has the right to repudiate a claim not only when the insured has misrepresented material information but also if he failed to disclose such information.’
    • ‘In that case the insured claimed a monthly income benefit under a group insurance policy.’
    • ‘Some six months after the matter arose and after his policy had expired, the insured decided to report the matter to his professional liability insurer.’
    • ‘For example, if the insured is using jet skis or speedboats and they cause injury to third parties, most travel policies will not cover claims made against you by the injured person.’
    • ‘They may enjoy the benefits while paying their premiums, but when a claim occurs and the insurer becomes aware of the fact that the insured was not a proper pensioner, problems can arise.’
    • ‘The policy must be in a form approved by the Revenue, in respect of annual premiums which are paid by the insured during his/her life.’
    • ‘On the affordability of such product the life insurer said the product is merely an extension of benefits such as life cover and disability to the period while the insured is still alive.’
    • ‘Essentially, it is an investment, similar to purchasing bonds that mature upon the insured's death.’
    • ‘To some extent this has been reflected already in the passing back of part of the benefit to the insured.’
    • ‘According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, in addition to having insurance premiums to pay, more than half of the insured pay a deductible.’
    • ‘If the damage is small, the insured may have to carry the total loss himself or if the damage does not exceed the total excesses payable, the insured may find himself seriously out of pocket.’
    • ‘A plaintiff in such an action proved his case by putting in the judgment against the insured, the insurance policy and proof of non-payment.’
    • ‘Waiver of the premium is a mandatory benefit so the insured will not pay premiums while collecting a long-term care benefit.’
    • ‘Inclusion of personal accident benefits covers death and permanent disablement of the insured.’
    • ‘On the death of the insured, term insurance pays the face value of the policy to the named beneficiary.’
    • ‘The reward fund pays $50,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of someone who has hacked into the insured's systems.’
    • ‘Also, the premium is guaranteed to remain the same for the lifetime of the insured.’
    • ‘For instance, some life insurance companies need to maintain data 99 years after the death of the insured.’