Definition of insufflator in US English:



  • 1A device for blowing powder on to a surface in order to make fingerprints visible.

    • ‘I'm sure you'd be horribly disappointed if they didn't clutter this room up with insufflators and tripods and what not.’
  • 2An instrument for medical insufflation.

    • ‘When a rapid insufflator failed to deliver adequate gas volumes, the RNFA identified the problem, contacted the appropriate vendor, and quickly arranged for loaned equipment until the device could be repaired.’
    • ‘At Sarasota Memorial, the robot is as common to a general surgery laparoscopy as the insufflator or electro-surgical unit.’
    • ‘Insufflator pressures should be monitored throughout the procedure, and the insufflator tubing should be disconnected from the trocar cannula before personnel deactivate the insufflator.’
    • ‘The laparoscopic system required during surgery includes a television monitor, computer chip camera, light source, insufflator, pressure monitor, and video recording equipment.’
    • ‘The surgeon deflates the abdomen by turning off the insufflator, opening the trocar ports, and suctioning the abdominal cavity.’