Definition of institutional in US English:



  • 1Of, in, or like an institution or institutions.

    ‘institutional care’
    ‘an institutional investor’
    • ‘He does, however, reflect a shift in writers' economic practices and the institutional conditions of freelance practice.’
    • ‘The sale will be open to both institutional and individual investors, Great Wall said, giving no date for the proposed issue.’
    • ‘Most fund companies serve both institutional and individual investors.’
    • ‘According to Kuenssberg, the company already has commitments totalling £3m from a mix of institutional and private investors.’
    • ‘Research tended to be critical of police practice, whatever its institutional base.’
    • ‘As planning moved from theory to institutional practice, master plans emerged as metropolitan blueprints.’
    • ‘In contrast, it plans to cut the amount of red tape covering those products available only to institutional and expert investors.’
    • ‘Of course, it also raises issues of logistics and institutional practice patterns.’
    • ‘Institutional Biosafety Committees are the cornerstone of institutional oversight of recombinant DNA research.’
    • ‘All of these characteristics are said to exist in individual attitudes as well as in institutional practices.’
    • ‘Moreover, it may reduce the risk of an influenza outbreak that will disrupt daily institutional life and care.’
    • ‘It may be that institutional care is the only appropriate means by which to keep them.’
    • ‘All procedures involving animals conformed to federal and institutional animal care guidelines.’
    • ‘One of Royal Bank's major institutional shareholders believes investors should stick with the Edinburgh-based financial giant for some time yet.’
    • ‘Caring for someone in their own home is very different from institutional care.’
    • ‘Second, institutional repositories aim to preserve and make accessible digital content on a long-term basis.’
    • ‘About half of the patients in these hospitals are in long term institutional care.’
    • ‘Participants were also questioned regarding their institutional practices and policies related to blood wastage.’
    • ‘Of those who survive, about another 20% will end up in institutional care who weren't in that before the stroke.’
    • ‘The real problem is how to practice your craft without institutional support.’
    1. 1.1 Unappealing or unimaginative.
      ‘institutional chocolate-colored paint’
      • ‘The shelter's inside will be brightened up by getting rid of its institutional yellow paint.’
      • ‘It felt institutional and antiseptic and I kept sensing ghosts and shadows.’
      • ‘Jim walked warily into the drab institutional room, nodding to the inhabitant.’
      • ‘Wood boards break up the monotony of institutional metal railings.’
      • ‘Coupled with the bleached out grey/green institutional wasteland of the hospital, a tense and unsettling atmosphere is created.’
      • ‘It was still dull, institutional grey, with the orange Sheppard's sign on the side.’
      unappetizing, unpalatable, inedible, uneatable, distasteful, unsavoury, insipid, bland, tasteless, flavourless, savourless
      dreary, dingy, dismal, gloomy, drab, colourless, grey, grim, cheerless, joyless, sombre, cold, depressing, impersonal, formal, off-putting, unwelcoming, uninviting, forbidding
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    2. 1.2 Expressed or organized in the form of institutions.
      ‘institutional religion’
      • ‘The social group may be a formal religion or a more informal group that is not affiliated with institutional religion.’
      • ‘Stepping back or getting out of institutional religion is quite an experience.’
      • ‘In 1974, Don Yoder defined ‘folk religion’ as existing alongside but apart from institutional religion.’
      • ‘The detention of children without a coherent rationale is institutional child abuse.’
      • ‘The institutional Buddhists, as I've described, they were trying to show the State how they could serve the State's interest.’
      • ‘Here, Chris focuses on what Weber called instrumental rationality, as exemplified in institutional religion.’
      • ‘Indeed, Jandoo said that most large organisations are guilty of institutional racism.’
      • ‘The alienation between institutional religion and the art world has been mutually reinforcing for over a century.’
      • ‘There is something in the institutional church that is so much engaged in self-preservation that it is going to destroy itself.’
      • ‘Searching for proof of institutional religion in two artists who no longer practiced the faiths of their childhoods is an inexact science.’
      • ‘Nor is it critique of institutional religion - as if church hypocrisy or narrow dogma were keeping out the living God.’
      • ‘The ideas of tradition and continuity are prominent in the third quotation, and they are used to defend institutional religion.’
      • ‘Ironically, therefore, institutional religion is a product of secularization.’
      • ‘Here, institutional religion itself strikes one as an example at one extreme.’
      • ‘Slavery was an institutional given in ancient times, and continued to be that in almost the entire world through the eighteenth century.’
      • ‘Many people, disappointed with institutional religion, prefer to speak the language of spirituality.’
      • ‘Today, perhaps more than ever before, religionists feel the tension between institutional faith and civil liberties.’
      • ‘His criticisms offer examples of what generally happens in institutional religion.’
      • ‘Could institutional religion have outlived its usefulness?’
      • ‘The age in which institutional religion holds appeal is passing away.’
      organized, established, bureaucratic, accepted, orthodox, conventional, procedural, prescribed, set, routine, customary, formal, systematic, systematized, methodical, businesslike, ready, orderly, coherent, structured, regulated
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    3. 1.3 Established as a convention or norm in an organization or culture.
      ‘institutional racism’
      • ‘Both are particularly known for their work on institutional corruption as it affects government and politics.’
      • ‘The same cannot always be said for electric utilities, which are prone to conservatism and institutional inertia.’
      • ‘I think institutional sexism is a really intractable issue on Wall Street.’
      • ‘Affirmative action addresses entrenched company behaviours and helps to highlight institutional hiring biases.’
      • ‘My concern is that in adopting the term 'gender equality' we implicitly deny that there is systemic, institutional discrimination against women.’
      • ‘When 6 players test positive it is not an "individual problem" it's a systemic institutional problem that starts at the top.’
      • ‘Jay said that for years there was an undeniable culture of institutional sexism.’
      • ‘The media of course has an institutional bias against good news.’
      • ‘The moral blindness and institutional prejudice of those who worked the apparatus of apartheid shocks me still.’
      • ‘Some of these cultures are due to national behaviours but some are also due to ingrained institutional or corporate behaviours.’
    4. 1.4 (of advertising) intended to create prestige rather than immediate sales.
      • ‘Institutional advertising ‘sells’ the company's brand, mission, reputation and values.’