Definition of instant camera in US English:

instant camera


  • A camera of a type with internal processing which produces a finished print rapidly after each exposure.

    • ‘This looks like another job for Bob's instant camera!’
    • ‘Mike had brought a Polaroid instant camera from a crackhead while he was hustling on his block the night before.’
    • ‘Keep an instant camera handy, so you can record the stunned looks on your friends' faces.’
    • ‘Although it managed the transition to the digital age with a strong entry that sold 400,000 units last year, to too many consumers the Polaroid name still conjured images of bulky, '70s-era instant cameras.’
    • ‘The first thing the attorney did was to take pictures of me with an instant camera.’
    • ‘In 1948, the year the first instant camera was introduced, Ansel Adams was hired by Polaroid as a consultant to test new films and analyze results.’
    • ‘I ran inside and grabbed an instant camera and took a photo… of course the photo was just completely black… duh.’
    • ‘For this segment, the company created a Barbie instant camera which retailed for under $20 and in 1997 became one of the hottest Christmas toys, according to USA Today.’
    • ‘Its metallic silver exterior and curvy form make it an attractive option to other instant cameras.’
    • ‘Jealouse has pulled out an instant camera she bought in Japan, one that produces little photos the size of postage stamps, and is pointing it at Sabrina, who leans over the table, making faces.’
    • ‘All you need is an album, an instant camera, rolls of film and painting materials if you are that way inclined.’
    • ‘I can see the sheriff passing judgment and stringing me up, while the locals took out their disposable instant cameras and clicked away.’
    • ‘Using a Polaroid instant camera and 600 Write-On Film, students paint directly on the photographic image to achieve a desired effect.’
    • ‘The boy roams around the village with a Polaroid instant camera and takes pictures of everything that captures his attention, including a poster of pop star Madonna plastered on the body of a deserted bus.’
    • ‘This is a company that in the year 2000 posted sales of $1.85 billion and sold 13.1 million instant cameras in the 12 months.’
    • ‘Then he fanned the picture he took with an instant camera and smiled coolly.’
    • ‘We must have looked like quite a group and Bianca (a girl from another dorm) took out picture with Alicia's instant camera.’
    • ‘He has also served as vice president of sales and marketing for Nicklaus Golf Equipment Co. in West Palm Beach, Fla., and as senior brand manager of instant cameras for the Polaroid Corp. in Cambridge, Mass.’
    • ‘At the film counter of the general store a shrunken old man holds himself steady against the glass display cabinet, peering down at the selection of instant cameras.’
    • ‘It was one of the ‘tech stocks’ of the time and the group's revolutionary instant cameras sent the company's stock soaring.’