Definition of installer in US English:



  • 1A person who places or fixes equipment or machinery in position ready for use.

    ‘a manufacturer and installer of windows and doors’
    ‘a home theater installer’
    • ‘Hanging art in a commercial space is often best done by professional installers, many of whom charge per unit.’
    • ‘He now accepts credit cards from the installers and contractors who work for his large customers.’
    • ‘Make sure the installer finishes with a stone impregnator or penetrating sealer to resist stains.’
    • ‘A ceramic tile installer may not be qualified to work with marble or stone.’
    • ‘Generally hired by the designer or general contractor, installers hang each piece according to designers' specific instructions.’
    • ‘The installer would typically say something like, "Just bill it to my company."’
    • ‘They are accredited installers of solar energy systems.’
    • ‘On Monday, his cousin, the phone installer, came at noon.’
    • ‘The conundrum architects face is whether to use a commercial installer familiar with the material or a residential contractor familiar with the house type.’
    • ‘The installer was able to collect these from the store.’
  • 2A piece of software that installs a program on a computer's hard disk.

    ‘a downloadable installer from the website’
    as modifier ‘double-click on the installer package’
    • ‘When using the installer, I went to exit and found a typo.’
    • ‘The installation will terminate when the system installer tries to replace antivirus files.’
    • ‘The CD included manuals and tutorials but no real installer.’
    • ‘The existing Favorites list was fully accessible, although the installer added a browser search engine item.’
    • ‘The program can only be uninstalled by the original installer, which prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to confidential information.’
    • ‘The installer not only installs the drivers for you, but will also install the other included software.’
    • ‘Even if you don't know how to create an installer program, you'll be turning out multimedia-rich designs in no time.’
    • ‘There aren't any flashy graphics or screenshots—it's just an installer that does the job.’
    • ‘It has greatly simplified this process by supplying one installer for everything.’
    • ‘As the installer reminds you, picking a strong password is tantamount to good security.’