Definition of inspector general in English:

inspector general

(also IG)


  • 1An official in charge of inspecting a particular institution or activity.

    ‘a report by the Pentagon's inspector general’
    • ‘The inspector general found the citizenship office believes, ‘Any shortfall in visa approvals would be a disservice to the American business community.’’
    • ‘Fox News reported the letter from the inspector general's office to Judicial Watch in breathless tones, as though it was confirming the credibility of the allegations.’
    • ‘The findings were in a memo sent by the inspector general to senior transportation officials, and leaked to the newspaper USA Today.’
    • ‘It was for that reason that it was referred to the U.S. inspector general's office.’
    • ‘The USDA inspector general's office looked into one of the largest recalls of the last few years, when 27.4 million pounds of processed deli poultry meat was recalled due to possible listeria contamination.’
    • ‘We should have an inspector general for all of the 15 intelligence agencies, so accountability as well as reforming the whole structure that will respond to the 21st Century threats.’
    • ‘Now the inspector general's office has issued its report.’
    • ‘The governor must approve the inspector general's findings before the reports are made public.’
    • ‘But an inspector general's report this week says he violated the law by helping push the conservative ‘Wall Street Journal’ editorial report on to the PBS schedule.’
    • ‘The CPA inspector general's office began in January and has more than 100 employees continuing investigations.’
    • ‘Investigators from the office of the inspector general of the Department of Housing and Urban Development joined in as the search team grew to about 20.’
    • ‘We have a government announce the appointment or proposed appointment of an inspector general.’
    • ‘The inspector general conceded in his official report that they stopped counting the detainees after 1,200 because the ‘statistics became too confusing.’’
    • ‘First, it wished to convey its interest in establishing a collaborative and cooperative dialogue with the inspector general's office.’
    • ‘As for oversight, Los Angeles has had a civilian Police Commission for years and three years ago created an inspector general's office, charged with probing issues of police corruption and abuse.’
    • ‘More narrowly (but just as important in the short run), the inspector general's office is to be faulted for the broad condemnatory ‘spin’ present in its own six-page press release.’
    • ‘Mr. Chairman, let me ask you as well, because as you know, the inspector general of homeland security of the department, points out that the money for port security grants hasn't gone to where it's badly needed.’
    • ‘Senators from both parties want new controls on the FBI, including an inspector general's office with teeth.’
    • ‘What has become increasingly evident, however, is that a management style that approaches a reign of terror is directed at rolling back longstanding procedures within the inspector general's office.’
    • ‘The inspector general's report recommends closer state review of citizenship declarations by Medicaid recipients, but only after eligibility has been granted and only of a sample of the benefit recipients.’
    1. 1.1Military A staff officer responsible for conducting inspections and investigations.
      • ‘These startling revelations spurred the Army's inspector general to launch an investigation to determine the facts.’
      • ‘From column commander in South Africa he graduated to command the 5th Lancers, 4th Cavalry Brigade, and then became inspector general of Cavalry in 1910.’
      • ‘He commanded Fighter Attack Squadron 131 and served as the inspector general of U.S. Southern Command.’
      • ‘Rather, the Army's inspector general concluded an investigation last month exonerating Sanchez and every other senior commander.’
      • ‘Four years later, when Smith was nominated as the army's deputy inspector general, General Kennedy had the courage to relive the horror and file a formal complaint.’