Definition of inspector in English:



  • 1An official employed to ensure that official regulations are obeyed, especially in public services.

    ‘a prison inspector’
    • ‘I contacted a U.S. Secret Service inspector and asked his official opinion about this device.’
    • ‘Government inspectors have praised hospital services in Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale in a new report.’
    • ‘The inspectors - like the public - found it almost impossible to walk through the area.’
    • ‘And fire service inspectors visit the care homes at least once a year as part of their statutory duties.’
    • ‘This did not look good - either to the companies which had started arriving or to the fire and public safety inspectors.’
    • ‘He said a sufficiently large and representative group of inspectors would ensure impartiality.’
    • ‘Social welfare service employees and municipal inspectors are also on strike.’
    • ‘Suggestions from the council's own inspectors and the public were also put forward and a list of schemes was selected.’
    • ‘Ten newly-recruited labour inspectors will ensure that the bill is enforced.’
    • ‘But the service gets only one out of three possible stars because the inspectors believe the service is unlikely to get any better.’
    • ‘Canada would monitor their interaction to ensure the inspectors don't go off task.’
    • ‘Council bosses have just appointed a team of inspectors to ensure the works are completed on time and done properly.’
    • ‘What are the implications of this for ensuring that luggage inspectors remain vigilant?’
    • ‘But after an investigation at the block, fire service inspectors decided the walls did not need to be reinforced.’
    • ‘Her father was one of the inspectors employed to help maintain the rabbit proof fence.’
    • ‘This designation was challenged by developers at the public inquiry but the inspector has backed up the planners.’
    • ‘The inspectors found that the service was moving the right way.’
    • ‘As for the Law Society, it is concerned about the choice of home inspectors and their regulation.’
    • ‘The school is also regularly monitored by inspectors from the watchdog group to ensure standards are being improved and maintained.’
    • ‘Social Services inspectors were monitoring how the money was beings spent, she said.’
    examiner, checker, scrutinizer, scrutineer, investigator, surveyor, assessor, appraiser, reviewer, analyst
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    1. 1.1British An official who examines bus or train tickets to check that they are valid.
      • ‘There would be no fares to collect, and no ticket inspectors.’
      • ‘There were no female police officers there and I feel the whole thing would have been better dealt with by ticket inspectors.’
      • ‘When the most pleasant person you meet on your way in is the ticket inspector, you know things are bad.’
      • ‘And it is interesting how ticket inspectors and train announcers all suddenly vanish when there is a delay.’
      • ‘I handed the inspector the ticket, and I ran, and they ran after me.’
      • ‘A ticket inspector climbed aboard along the Whitechapel Road, failing to find anyone who'd sneaked on without paying.’
      • ‘The ticket inspector is their high priest and the crowds gathered at the bus stops are their congregation.’
      • ‘Suddenly I get that feeling like when the bus inspector asks for your ticket.’
      • ‘This morning, as I got off the train there were no ticket inspectors at the end of the platform.’
      • ‘A former ticket inspector, Robert has worked at Sutton Coldfield station.’
      • ‘November 19, he spat at a ticket inspector at Fareham Station.’
      • ‘Perhaps I could buy a ticket off the ticket inspector on the train I told myself.’
      • ‘One is a an old routemaster with a ticket inspector, while the other is newer bus with a driver who takes tickets.’
      • ‘Newly released figures show that only one in five passengers will be checked by an inspector to see if they have bought a ticket.’
      • ‘I explained I had tried to buy a ticket but the inspector was very rude and told me to get off.’
      • ‘They stopped customers before they reached the automatic gates where the ticket inspectors were positioned.’
      • ‘When we finally arrive in Paddington at half past ten, a ticket inspector then demands that I pay the full fare.’
      • ‘He was charged with carrying an offensive weapon, following a threat to a ticket inspector who wanted to check his ticket for a second time.’
      • ‘They then have ticket inspectors on the train to validate your validated ticket.’
      • ‘Three men dressed as nothing special stand and show their brass medallions and eye us now as ticket inspectors.’
      examiner, checker, scrutinizer, scrutineer, investigator, surveyor, assessor, appraiser, reviewer, analyst
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  • 2A police officer ranking below a superintendent or police chief.

    as title ‘Inspector Simmons’
    • ‘‘One of the prints we have found is yours,’ a Strathclyde Police detective inspector told her.’
    • ‘More than a third of police inspectors are performing high-risk roles with no training for the job, a survey has revealed.’
    • ‘In 1853 he joined the Victoria police and served as inspector and superintendent in various goldfield towns.’
    • ‘He claimed that a police inspector who arrived at the scene made racist remarks about the victim.’
    • ‘I had a close friend who was a police inspector in Manchester, another who was with the dog unit in Merseyside.’
    • ‘A police inspector had heard shouting, slaps and yelps through an open window and found the injured dog in bloody sheets of newspaper inside the house.’
    • ‘Mrs King is being supported by her husband Simon, a police inspector with Wiltshire Constabulary, who is also a seasoned runner.’
    • ‘A police inspector was arrested while on duty for alleged drink driving, a court heard.’
    • ‘Senior police inspectors come and hug him affectionately all along the route.’
    • ‘Back in the police station, the inspector slapped Baig many times and pushed him around.’
    • ‘Following the stories and letters in the Citizen regarding taxis using bus lanes I have met with a police inspector and the truth appears to be emerging.’
    • ‘The police inspector in charge of the operation owned up that his job was to calculate the number of officers used according to the rates set by the government.’
    • ‘The inspector at Melksham police station is to move on after nearly two years in the role.’
    • ‘The problem was that she was the wife of a police inspector.’
    • ‘It's hard for me to imagine such a person holding a job as a cashier, much less a police inspector.’
    • ‘The next day a police inspector interrupted his speech to inform him that he was contravening a by-law by speaking in the square.’
    • ‘An inspector and several other police officers get out and stand in the middle of the road.’
    • ‘The Kanagawa police inspectors were there as Frankie Furukawa entered the room.’
    • ‘A police inspector standing nearby saw what was happening but did not intervene to help the plaintiff restrain the prisoner.’
    • ‘The BJP government took direct control of the postings and transfer of police inspectors.’