Definition of Insectivora in US English:


plural noun

  • An obsolete order of small mammals that comprises the shrews, moles, hedgehogs, tenrecs, moonrats, and solenodons. They are distinguished by mainly terrestrial habits and an insectivorous diet.

    • ‘Once considered a divergent family of the order Insectivora, elephant shrews are now placed in their own order, the Macroscelidea.’
    • ‘Like elephant shrews, tree shrews have often been considered a divergent family of Insectivora.’
    • ‘Thus, for example, the jugal is reduced or absent in the Monotremata and Insectivora, while, in the Didelphimorphia and Hyracoidea, it becomes so long that it actually contributes to the jaw articulation.’
    • ‘Among the Insectivora, many of the talpid moles (order Insectivora, family Talpidae) of Eurasia and North America are fossorial.’
    • ‘Members of one order, the Insectivora, feed almost entirely on invertebrates, especially insects.’