Definition of insalubrious in US English:



  • (especially of a climate or locality) not salubrious; unhealthy.

    ‘a poor area full of insalubrious hotels’
    • ‘He reminded me of a bad guy out of a western movie - a heartless hombre silhouetted in the doorway of some insalubrious saloon.’
    • ‘Why, then, did Sir Harry abandon the Holy City for the insalubrious air of the Great Wen?’
    • ‘I went into this most insalubrious place with little gnome-like people hunched over indescribable pictures, and I asked the man for this Tokyo Rose.’
    • ‘Sickness did not abate over the three and a half years of Federal occupation as Helena became known as one of the most insalubrious locations in the Union.’
    • ‘He may have preferred topographical specificity, but given his delicate health, he would have been ill-advised to visit any such insalubrious clime.’
    • ‘This was the result of Progressive era concerns over the insalubrious cities, which led to fresh air fund camps and other ventures to provide them with relief during the brutal summers.’
    • ‘It was the last activity that afforded the abundant raw material, the insalubrious waste known as coal tar.’
    • ‘Moreover, when the taxed-out or squeezed-out peasant moved to the insalubrious factory barracks, he became part of an ill-paid, unhealthy, unskilled, and uneducated proletariat which was a social problem in itself.’
    • ‘Shortly before his death he separated from his second wife and went to live in an insalubrious suburb of Paris.’
    • ‘Sitting in an insalubrious but comfortable room, with heating, a computer, a telephone, a fridge, and water on tap, I would feel a fraud decrying science, which lies behind the technologies that make all of these things possible.’
    • ‘With the one-bed Gorgie flat set to increase by almost £10000 over the next year, all but the most insalubrious Edinburgh locations will be off limits to single buyers on budgets.’
    • ‘Dudley and Lola try not to let their insalubrious surroundings get in the way of their weekend.’
    • ‘William reserves his disgust for the insalubrious hotels on the circuit and the presence of underagers on the streets.’
    • ‘Partly it's because Shakespeare has become tainted with the insalubrious whiff of the schoolroom.’
    • ‘He is from Pera which is a very insalubrious area of Istanbul.’
    • ‘The Asian fusion restaurant is in the Cathedral Quarter, it's exquisite interior in stark contrast to the insalubrious back street it's located on.’
    • ‘He damned the owners of the CPR and the banks, and all the other vested interests who scurried along Bay Street, St. James Street and other insalubrious neighbourhoods in the East.’
    • ‘The conditions they lived in were atrocious: overcrowded lodging houses, cellars, and garrets, shanty towns in the insalubrious districts beyond the town walls.’
    • ‘The old model authorized intervention at the local level and also justified public works projects that improved water and sewage systems and cleared away insalubrious housing.’
    seedy, unsavoury, sordid, seamy, sleazy, unpleasant, dingy, mean, wretched, dismal
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Mid 17th century: from Latin insalubris (from in- ‘not’ + salubris ‘salubrious’) + -ous.