Definition of inorganic in English:



  • 1Not consisting of or deriving from living matter.

    • ‘This neighbor is unable to understand that inorganic divisions amongst this human race, such as alliances, nations, ethnicities, will never stay static.’
    • ‘They probably developed both as ecological disaster forms and as a consequence of unusual marine chemistry that promoted inorganic and microbial calcification.’
    inanimate, not living, lifeless, dead, defunct, extinct, inert
    not natural, not organic, mineral, man-made
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    1. 1.1Without organized physical structure.
  • 2Chemistry
    Relating to or denoting compounds that are not organic (broadly, compounds not containing carbon)

    • ‘Similarly, if the compound is inorganic, an organic solvent, such as water, is needed.’
    • ‘Both organic and inorganic compounds experience elimination reactions.’
    • ‘Addition reactions of inorganic molecules occur when an atom has more than one valence.’
    • ‘In the chemistry laboratory, ultraviolet and visible spectroscopy (UV-vis spectroscopy) is used to study molecules and inorganic ions in solution.’
    • ‘Under sulphur-deficient conditions, reduced protein synthesis is accompanied by the accumulation of organic and inorganic nitrogenous compounds.’
  • 3Linguistics
    Not explainable by the normal processes of etymology.