Definition of innocently in US English:



  • 1Without guilt for a crime or offense.

    ‘the lawyer says that his client was acting innocently’
    • ‘Some persons suffer innocently by the sinful acts of others.’
    • ‘Another serious allegation against him is one of misleading others, innocently or culpably, over the contract.’
    • ‘"I was scared that if I stopped I wouldn't be able to start the car up again," he explained innocently.’
    • ‘Think innocently and justly, and, if you speak, speak accordingly.’
    • ‘He is particularly critical of the supposition that no one suffers innocently since all are born into sin.’
    • ‘He suffered death innocently under false charges of treason and blasphemy.’
    • ‘"I ain't got it!" the accused boy proclaimed as innocently as he could.’
    • ‘They seemed always to have died of pneumonia while they were being innocently detained.’
    • ‘This dramatic figure, though important, is but one in the community of those who innocently endure suffering.’
    • ‘This means exactly not to be a rebel, but to suffer innocently, including bearing unjust shame.’
  • 2Without responsibility for or direct involvement in an event yet suffering its consequences.

    ‘he was shot at through a window while innocently walking past the house’
    • ‘It was the slapstick premise of a woman who's innocently walking down the street when a harp flails out of a window and lands on her.’
    • ‘Some friends and I were innocently collecting conkers, when suddenly the owner arrived on the scene with a gun in his hand.’
    • ‘Innocently he invites his new American buddy back to the army base, only to discover that he has been lured into the murky world of espionage.’
    • ‘Have you ever innocently bitten into a chunk of cayenne pepper in a spicy stir-fry?’
    • ‘He goes innocently to investigate, only to be captured and brought to a military fort, to be broken by the harsh colonel.’
    • ‘She stars as a compulsive liar who innocently gets caught up in an industrial espionage plot at her new job.’
    • ‘She blinked and slowly remembered what had occurred when she had been innocently picking flowers in the meadow.’
    • ‘What about couples who can no longer have sexual relations because one of them has innocently been infected by HIV?’
    • ‘She was innocently snoozing on the couch, catching her last remaining Zs of the afternoon, when "Ka-Boom!"’
    • ‘He humbly suffers visitations of beings from another world and is innocently drawn into a bizarrely conceived plot for political change.’
  • 3In a manner that is uncorrupted or free from moral wrong.

    ‘a charming tale with children innocently singing the chorus’
    • ‘The songs are simply wholesome and innocently jolly, which perfectly match America's number-one flaky housewife.’
    • ‘It offsets a studio photo portrait of an innocently luscious teenage girl with a Gourmet magazine cover featuring ripe pomegranates.’
    • ‘She cradled the infant in her arms, watching her giggle innocently as those beautiful green eyes sparkled up at her.’
    • ‘This child is innocently inspired by the apparent goodness and innocence of the adults to whom she pays tribute.’
    • ‘In the corner of my right eye, I noticed my wheelchair upright next to me, looking as innocently as if nothing had happened.’
    • ‘Whenever she is able to keep her hysterics in check, it sounds as if she's trying to present herself as innocently doe-eyed as possible.’
    • ‘He'll stand at the edge of a field where children are innocently playing and catch them if they get too close to the edge.’
    • ‘She's standing ceremoniously beside the chief, watching as innocently as a child at a celebration.’
    • ‘The tale is innocently romantic without a tinge of irony.’
    • ‘There is a forbiddingly cruel woman on the one hand and an innocently sweet girl accomplished in the art of good housekeeping on the other.’
    1. 3.1 In a simple or naive manner.
      ‘many people innocently believe that they're safe from credit card fraud’
      • ‘These places are "so innocently confident in their excesses," she says, that they give her "permission to exaggerate, invent, and obsess."’
      • ‘Olaf is a simple man with the soul of a baby, innocently wishing that evil would just disappear so that he could continue to find contentment in fishing.’
      • ‘He innocently believes that one's life can be arranged as simply and beautifully as one's house.’
      • ‘She would fall innocently and passionately in love with the doctrines of the Heresy.’
      • ‘Maybe she's not as innocently brainless as I've thought of her.’
      • ‘Ancient land rights were innocently signed away by people whose cultures were embedded in their physical environs.’
      • ‘Everyone looked like a dog's dinner and innocently believed that pop would always laugh with us rather than at us.’
      • ‘Their actions had been so numerous and consistent that they cannot be considered as either innocently naive or simply incompetent.’
      • ‘"Now, you try," they were bid, and they would obey innocently, unaware of the carnal tenacity of their test subject.’
      • ‘He was so innocently unaware of the world he lived in, that it bothered her and turned her from favoring him.’
  • 4With no intention of causing harm or offense.

    ‘my cab driver innocently asked me what I did for a living’
    • ‘Long before anybody had heard of her, someone innocently asked the Pope if he had had occasion to hear of Edith Stein.’
    • ‘During the 1960s, he had once innocently remarked that "opera houses should be blown up."’
    • ‘Nina innocently calls upon her reality-bending powers with the best of intentions, to help her friend land the guy of her dreams.’
    • ‘He observes innocently that the governor won't be able to marry them the next day.’
    • ‘The errors, I think, were innocently caused by the prism of memory bending facts.’
    • ‘Jane turns around and innocently remarks, "Admiring the view?"’
    • ‘He innocently tells her he was ignorant of the rule.’
    • ‘Not set up himself to do the transfer from 1-inch analog tape, he innocently advised his client to take it to the best place he could find in Manhattan.’
    • ‘Marty realizes maybe he was wrong and asks innocently, "What dispatch?"’
    • ‘Apart from the innocently clumsy use of the word "racial," was that really true then?’