Definition of inky cap in US English:

inky cap


  • A widely distributed mushroom with a tall, narrow cap and slender white stem, turning into a black liquid after the spores are shed.

    Genus Coprinus, family Coprinaceae, class Hymenomycetes: several species, including the common ink cap (C. atramentarius). See also shaggy mane

    • ‘Like most other inky caps, its gills liquefy and produce a black ‘ink’ as the spores mature and the cap peels upwards.’
    • ‘I've eaten those before if my eyes don't mistake me, and the only wild species I've consumed too, and those are inky caps, which as long as not mixed with alcohol are a delicacy to me.’
    • ‘One species, the alcohol inky cap, can make you temporarily ill if you consume alcohol within hours of eating it.’
    • ‘These mushrooms are sometimes called inky caps; but be aware that there is a shaggy mane cousin, which is called the inky cap.’
    • ‘Mushrooms, puffballs, stinkhorns, inky caps, and bird's nests are reproductive structures of some fungi.’
    • ‘The shaggy mane is the best of the inky caps, with a clear yet delicate flavor, and the texture of fish.’
    • ‘Coprinus atramentarius, another inky cap, is somewhat similar, but has a smooth to fibrillose, not scaly cap surface, and lacks the elongated cap shape of C. comatus.’
    • ‘Other reproductive structures sometimes found in lawns include inky caps, puffballs, stinkhorns, and bird's nests.’
    • ‘In earlier times - the days of quill pens - people actually used the black liquid from inky caps as ink.’
    • ‘This inky cap is edible but with a caution.’
    • ‘The inky caps are more fragile and they break apart in the oil, disintegrating in the heat of the pan.’
    • ‘I believe they are called inky caps - don't eat them but they are no big deal.’