Definition of inhumanity in English:



  • Extremely cruel and brutal behavior.

    ‘a justification for further cruelty and inhumanity’
    • ‘There are no precedents for what is the most public act of inhumanity in the world's history, so schools have largely been left to get by on a wing and a lot of prayers.’
    • ‘The engrossing series is a searing reminder of man's capacity for unimaginable acts of inhumanity against fellow man.’
    • ‘The world pitied Nazi refugees and accused the Czechs of inhumanity.’
    • ‘I don't often use words like ‘wickedness’ to describe acts of inhumanity.’
    • ‘This is the kind of unspeakable inhumanity we are all up against.’
    • ‘He says he lost all interest in photographing soldiers in action, and became determined to show the world the results of man's inhumanity to man.’
    • ‘To turn a country into a laboratory is to give ample warning of inhumanity.’
    • ‘Instead, she has chosen a dangerous, heartbreaking life, which sees risk and suffering and gross inhumanity every single day.’
    • ‘I am a part of the collective sorrow felt around the world about man's inhumanity to man.’
    • ‘As other camps fell into Allied hands the full story of Nazi inhumanity began to be told.’
    • ‘If I'm witnessing torture and inhumanity on a grand scale, the answer is no.’
    • ‘He will be remembered by family and friends as a truly courageous individual who used his talents as a cameraman to fight inhumanity.’
    • ‘Despite any such fears however, acts of inhumanity towards a surrendered enemy have no place in the third Millenium.’
    • ‘Others will witness acts of inhumanity that will haunt their remaining days.’
    • ‘It takes acts of monumental inhumanity before such rather basic people would take a risk.’
    • ‘He has spent his life analysing and opposing injustice and inhumanity.’
    • ‘Some historians claim this is the most graphic example of man's inhumanity to man.’
    • ‘Which is an act of war and defense and which is an act of depraved inhumanity?’
    • ‘The positive is that there's less disorder and inhumanity which would have gone on in Bosnia or Kosovo.’
    • ‘It begins in Britain today with the purpose of reminding the world about the cost of man's inhumanity to man.’
    cruelty, harshness, brutality, callousness, sadism, severity, savagery, viciousness, barbarity, barbarism
    bestiality, monstrousness, fiendishness, evil, evilness, wickedness, heinousness
    mercilessness, ruthlessness, pitilessness, remorselessness, cold-bloodedness, heartlessness, hard-heartedness, stone-heartedness, unforgivingness
    unkindness, unkindliness, inconsiderateness, uncaringness, lack of compassion, lack of feeling, lack of sympathy
    egregiousness, flagitiousness
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Late 15th century: from Old French inhumanite or Latin inhumanitas, from inhumanus inhuman.