Definition of inharmonious in US English:



  • Not forming or contributing to a pleasing whole; discordant.

    ‘an inharmonious, negative state of mind’
    • ‘Keats was criticised as uncouth and inharmonious but is now venerated as one of our greatest Romantic poets.’
    • ‘They stop work, attend to and resolve before sleep any inharmonious conditions that may arise, knowing that creativity lies dormant while conflict prevails.’
    • ‘Next comes Mars, designated to Aries and Scorpio because, according to Ptolemy, they are agreeable to its destructive and inharmonious nature, and form a hostile square aspect to the ‘houses’ of the luminaries.’
    • ‘Having removed every inconsistency from the sacred constitutions, hitherto inharmonious and confused, we extended our care to the immense volumes of the older jurisprudence…’
    • ‘Bald-headed Fred's robbery and torture anecdotes made excellent writing material but our inharmonious natures made living together burdensome.’
    • ‘The villas that in some other lakes have seized upon conspicuous points and contributed nothing to the landscape but their own inharmonious presence scarcely trouble this one.’
    • ‘Unlike other ancient towns that have been renovated and painted with inharmonious colours, here you can appreciate the original charm of the old town.’
    • ‘Do not be surprised if you find yourself being misunderstood by your darling during this inharmonious round.’
    • ‘May I suggest airing your thoughts and feelings, even the inharmonious ones?’
    • ‘The spread of SARS was a concentrated exposure of the problem concerning the inharmonious economic and social development in China.’
    • ‘One of the major factors is the issue of inharmonious industrial relations at work places which quite often has led to work stoppages.’
    • ‘What gave rise to the emotion was not the machine itself, but rather its inharmonious presence against a background of human and humane interests.’
    unmelodious, unharmonious, unmusical, tuneless, discordant, dissonant, off-key
    out of place, unsuitable, inappropriate, ill suited, clashing, conflicting, incompatible, mismatched, ill-matched, contradictory, irreconcilable, jarring, discordant
    antagonistic, quarrelsome, argumentative, disputatious, captious, cantankerous, confrontational, belligerent, bellicose, combative
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