Definition of ingrained in English:



  • 1(of a habit, belief, or attitude) firmly fixed or established; difficult to change.

    ‘his deeply ingrained Catholic convictions’
    • ‘It also suggests ways for teachers to deal with any ingrained attitudes amongst pupils, through role plays and discussion groups.’
    • ‘In their eyes, nothing less than a cultural revolution was needed to purge the Chinese people of some of their most ingrained habits and cherished values.’
    • ‘Now at nearly 21 the habit is too ingrained to break, if asked I say nothing, I would rather people did not waste their money on me.’
    • ‘However, I believe that a visit by a town dweller to a game fair would challenge ingrained attitudes.’
    • ‘It was just that when it came to getting around the city, even to the local paper shop, he had one simple, ingrained habit - reach for the car keys.’
    • ‘Widows and widowers aren't baggage-free either, and even those stalwarts who have remained single for half a lifetime will be carrying armfuls of ingrained habits and cherished routines.’
    • ‘Letters were an addiction; memorialising the past an ingrained habit.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, we sometimes hear of neurotic behaviors and ingrained habits such as feather-picking activities being prompted by sheer boredom.’
    • ‘Having conducted interviews with friends from her former life, I have established that it is in large part a matter of ingrained habit.’
    • ‘None of these things are terrible, of course, but they do speak of certain ingrained attitudes towards women.’
    • ‘As with America's obsession with handguns, it will take more than a few high school pupil massacres to shift the ingrained attitudes of this blinkered lobby.’
    • ‘So the only thing keeping the reporters in line is their ingrained habit of deference towards a wartime president.’
    • ‘There are few things more firmly ingrained than one's belief system.’
    • ‘Committee members said ministers were not doing enough to persuade people to use less fuel and must be prepared to use tax to change ingrained habits.’
    • ‘The belief in a positive attitude is so ingrained in American thinking.’
    • ‘Materialism begins to fade and a newly awakened spirituality loosens the grip of ingrained beliefs and ideology.’
    • ‘I have not yet stopped buying the paper, as I simply find it too hard to break such an ingrained habit, but each morning I spend a little longer in the newsagent's before picking it up.’
    • ‘The magic is in the detail of his observation, revealing more about ingrained attitudes with a sentence than a volume of social studies.’
    • ‘The major difficulty you face is the ingrained belief that there are only two viable political parties in existence.’
    • ‘As I say, this has gone on for about three weeks and, please God, the two actions are now ingrained habits.’
    entrenched, established, fixed, implanted, deep-rooted, rooted, deep-seated, settled, firm, unshakeable, ineradicable, driven in
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  • 2(of dirt or a stain) deeply embedded and thus difficult to remove.

    ‘the ingrained dirt on the flaking paintwork’
    • ‘The leather of the binding was badly scuffed in places and the edges of the pages were blackened with ingrained dust.’
    • ‘He moved quietly up the stained stone stoop; impressions of dead leaves and ingrained dirt gave the granite stairway a pepper-like color.’
    • ‘I am in my old black jeans and a dark green sweatshirt, both engrained with dirt from buses and warehouses, pubs and bedsits.’
    • ‘As she passed the bundle to him, the tall man raised her hand, her rough hand with its ingrained dirt and torn nails, to his lips and kissed it gravely, his blue eyes dancing.’
    • ‘The models usually last around three scenes before ingrained dirt and cracked limbs make them rather unphotogenic.’
    • ‘Neither is leaving furniture or fittings so ingrained with dirt and dust that they are never quite the same again and, oh yes, leaving the back yard full of rubble that the dustmen will refuse to take away.’
    • ‘Paint was peeling, floors had ingrained dirt, and all of the telephone rooms - very important for detainees' contact with the outside world - were in a disgraceful state.’
    • ‘Internal stains in teeth, for example tetracycline stains, are extremely resistant to bleaching because the stain is so deeply ingrained in the teeth.’
    • ‘He sat there surrounded by filth - thick ingrained dirt.’
    ground-in, fixed, infixed, planted, implanted, embedded
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