Definition of ingather in US English:



[with object]formal
  • Gather (something) in or together.

    ‘it may not be possible to ingather that information within the time’
    • ‘The ingathering under the apostles in Palestine was the reaping of that which had been sown by their Lord.’
    • ‘Tabernacles celebrated the great ingathering of the harvest.’
    • ‘Perhaps this is the motto which could turn a spiritual leader into a latter-day ‘Piper of Hamelin’ to bring about the ingathering of the exiles and, with it, redemption for Mankind.’
    • ‘This meant that the festive Eucharistic meal celebrating the election of Israel and anticipating the final ingathering constituted the ‘sacrifice’ of the community.’
    • ‘That's why I so resent using the ingathering of so many men into Manhattan as an excuse for a film like this.’
    • ‘If we pray for the ingathering of exiles so consistently, it may be crazy, but it can't be wrong.’
    • ‘Well, Turkey's 25,000 remaining Jews are in Turkey because they did not want to be ingathered.’
    • ‘Its shifts from large to small and back, its capacious ingathering of intellectual and political history, make it as rewarding as it is challenging.’
    • ‘The ingathering of Jews from the Diaspora is ‘the raison d'être of the Jewish State ’.’
    • ‘In its depth I saw ingathered, bound by love in one single volume, that which is dispersed in leaves throughout the universe.’