Definition of infrequency in US English:



  • See infrequent

    • ‘Such crimes may be rare, but it's not just their infrequency that makes them so shocking.’
    • ‘Anyway, I feel like I've started every single one of my recent entries by remarking on the infrequency of my recent entries, so I'm going to stop now.’
    • ‘Like all truly great bands, they never settled for a formula sound and have constantly evolved despite the infrequency of their releases.’
    • ‘Despite the relative infrequency of infractions on campus, the university community has continued to try and educate students about the issues surrounding academic offenses.’
    • ‘The statutory half-fare bus pass has not been welcomed by many people in South Lakeland due to the infrequency of buses in the county and the problems of access for many disabled people.’