Definition of infra in US English:



  • (in a written document) below; further on.

    ‘see note, infra’
    • ‘For a further discussion of the importance of vancomycin resistance, see infra notes 125-128 and accompanying text.’
    • ‘Of course, if Smith wishes to amend for the purposes of class action certification, then as per infra, it would likely be necessary to substitute a new plaintiff shareholder whom Roberts finds.’
    • ‘As we set out infra in PART IX, note 43, the Act would not apply to allow prosecution of an unknowing copy shop owner that merely unwittingly permitted the use of a self-service copy machine.’
    • ‘For a further discussion on impact fees and their relationship to carrying capacity programs, see infra n.97 and accompanying text.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, this bifurcated approach in determining rights to compensation in a water-related context proves useful in analyzing appropriate forms of compensation, as discussed infra.’
    • ‘In Johnson v. Johnson, infra, Justice Philips emphasized that the rules of evidence were no different in a child protection case than in any other case.’
    • ‘As is discussed infra, the frequency of reports, in conjunction with the backlog of reports before monitoring bodies, renders the report system less of a dialogue than a disjointed discourse.’
    • ‘This modality of mens rea may for instance apply to cases of command responsibility (see infra, 10.4), where the commander should have known that war crimes were being committed by his subordinates.’
    • ‘In one activity, the writing of views about communications discussed at p. 738, infra, Committee practice has allowed individual members to write concurring or dissenting opinions.’


Latin, ‘below’.