Definition of infowar in US English:



  • 1The use of computer technology to disrupt the activities of a state or organization; cyberwar.

    • ‘In INFOWAR, the computers and networks are the battlefield, computer programs are the weapons, and information assets are the targets.’
    • ‘It might be that Mr. Schily does not know anything about infowar, but I know a lot of countries see attacks coming at their computers from other countries.’
    • ‘The hacker known as ‘The Analyzer’ was sentenced Thursday in Israel to six months of community service for a series of intrusions into US Defense Department computers that triggered America's first full-blown infowar false alarm.’
    • ‘The IT world has plenty enough housecleaning to do already without the needless distraction of hypothetical infowars.’
    • ‘Actual ‘killer applications’ were preoccupying strategic planners for the military-industrial complex, as this crucial institution embraced concepts such as the electronic battlefield and infowar.’
    • ‘Did U.S. infowar commandos smuggle a deadly computer virus into Iraq inside a printer?’
  • 2Propaganda war waged via electronic media.

    • ‘Especially in light of the Defense Secretary's blueprints for an escalated infowar of propoganda-making, media-hijack and story planting, etcetera, I think you are right.’
    • ‘He seems a whole lot saner then he sounds on-air and on infowars.’
    • ‘My guess is that early on in this war, the Department of Defense was instructed to leave Infowar operations to the State Department and the CIA.’