Definition of informally in US English:



  • 1In a relaxed, friendly, or unofficial manner.

    ‘the group meets informally one evening a month’
    ‘we have informally agreed to share our resources’
    • ‘What was said at the time informally to the inhabitants remains disputed.’
    • ‘There's less opportunity to informally settle conflicts fostered by an increasing diversity.’
    • ‘I enjoy spending time in the South Bronx with my camera and have worked informally with youth groups.’
    • ‘The centerpiece of the show is informally called "the jumping room."’
    • ‘This presents an opportunity to talk informally with students.’
    • ‘They were a group of black women writers in New York who met informally during the 1970s.’
    • ‘My first real job involved informally managing 40 world-class software engineers.’
    • ‘We no longer live in a society where it is common for families to spend their evenings informally making music with friends.’
    • ‘Instead of the typical "making of" footage, it is almost completely interviews with each artist sitting next to each other informally.’
    • ‘I certainly started my mentoring career informally.’
    1. 1.1 In a casual style.
      ‘he is dressed informally in jeans and a lumberjack shirt’
      • ‘Quietly spoken and informally dressed, he describes himself as an energetic, inquisitive, compassionate person.’
      • ‘He dressed informally, and his rounded forehead was furrowed under a widow's peak of hair.’
      • ‘The informally dressed abbot offered only a simple expression of respect before dismembering the statue.’
      • ‘In elated disposition, she was informally attired in a brown lacy top and black trousers.’
      • ‘You both were informally dressed, but quite fetching in your wet clothing.’
      • ‘In contrast to many of the self-portraits, it shows him dressed informally, tieless, hatless, and with his shirt sleeves rolled up.’
      • ‘William was informally dressed, the collar of his shirt was open, and he had a brandy glass in his hand.’
      • ‘He looked uncommonly fine, though a little informally attired and scruffily dressed.’
      • ‘The nuns, most dressed informally in pants or skirts, gave her a standing ovation.’
      • ‘Dressed informally in windbreakers and sweaters, they helped build a consensus for free trade.’